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2018 Taijiang Black-Faced Spoonbills Season Opening Fair: Visiting Taijiang with Black-Faced Spoonbi
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The Black-faced spoonbills are coming! It is time to visit Taijiang National Park to welcome the black-faced spoonbills. More than 400 black-faced spoonbills have arrived at Taijiang National Park for the winter. To celebrate their visit, Taijiang National Park (Headquarters) has organized the 2018 Taijiang Black-Faced Spoonbills Season Opening Fair: Visiting Taijiang with Black-Faced Spoonbills on October 28 at the plaza in front of the Taijiang National Park Visitor Center (No.118, Sicao Blvd., Annan Dist., Tainan City).

Yu Teng-liang, Director of Taijiang National Park Headquarters, points out that Headquarters since its establishment has been committed to black-faced spoonbill conservation. Aside from performing bird binding and census for the fundamental investigation of marine ecological resources, Headquarters has also carried out food source friendly farming research and habitat management and monitoring. Because of nearly a decade of effort byt Headquarters, the population of black-faced spoonbills has increased to nearly four thousand globally. Each year during the black-faced spoonbill wintering period, Headquarters hosts Taijiang black-faced spoonbill activities inviting government agencies, local business owners and residents, and NGOs to work together for black-faced spoonbill conservation.

The 2018 Taijiang Black-Faced Spoonbills Season Opening Fair: Visiting Taijiang with Black-Faced Spoonbills will begin on October 28 at 13:30. Visitors can collects stamps from each booth, and the stamps can be used to exchange for a black-faced spoonbill pop-up card and other souvenirs. On the day, local communities and business owners will sell various local agricultural and fish products and provide discounted tours. At the site, visitors can purchase publications and souvenirs from the national park with 20% off. Another activity “Visiting black-faced spoonbills by raft” is a tour coordinated by Headquarters and local business owners. Starting from 10:00 on October 28, visitors can take a Sicao lake cruise by raft to visit the secret mangrove forest and observe black-face spoonbills with a special price of NT$ 100 per person (originally NT$ 250).

Headquarters will also launch two black-faced spoonbill one-day mini tours: one is Harbor-West Haihsien Fun on November 10 and 18, and the other is traveling with black-faced spoonbills: Dingshan Liukong One-day Trip on December 1 and 2. Harbor-West Haihsien Fun is a tour for visitors to learn about local fish farming and experience casting and hauling a net for fish catching. They will also have a chance to enjoy a local lunch made up of dried milkfish and stone-oven pizza. On the Traveling with Black-Faced Spoonbills: Dingshan Liukong One-day Trip, visitors will observe black-faced spoonbills at Dingshan, go to Liukong to ride a raft to Qigu lagoons, and enjoy roasted oysters. The original price for this tour is near NT$ 1,000, but special discounts are available if visitors register and pay on the day of the tour (October 28).

For the 2018 black-faced spoonbill season activities, Headquarters have chosen the theme “Traveling Taijiang with black-faced spoonbills” in hopes that local communities and business owners work together promoting black-faced spoonbill conservation and developing local industries so people and all living things at Taijiang can realize their dreams and enjoy their lives.

For more details about 2018 black-faced spoonbills activities, please refer to information posted on Taijiang National Park’s official Website For any related questions, please contact Ms. Hong of Education Section at 06-2842600 (ext. 1508).
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