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Registration for “2020 Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season Opening – Happy All the Way” Kicks Off on October 8th
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Autumn’s a season of happiness, and there is certainly a method in the pursuit of that happiness. Come and join in on the fun at the "2020 Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season Opening – Happy All the Way” event on October 31. Organized by the Taijiang National Park Management Office, the event features such exciting activities as bird-watching on the Taijiang Wetlands, boat cruises, and tasting of local specialties. Furthermore, win great prizes by participating in fun challenges that educate on conservation issues. Learn about environmental protection during the "2020 Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season,,” and cohabitate in harmony with the birds, so that bird and man can both be HAPPY!
With the coming of the autumn monsoon winds, the black-faced spoonbill migrates thousands of kilometers from the cold north to the warm south. The endangered black-faced spoonbill has now grown to number more than 4,000 globally, with more than half of this whole population migrating to the periphery areas surrounding Taijiang National Park to pass winter. The Taijiang National Park Management Office has been committed to the conservation of black-faced spoonbills since its establishment. In addition to basic ecological research, it has also worked hard on food source-friendly aquaculture research and habitat monitoring and management for over a decade. The Taijiang Management Office organizes an annual "Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season" during the winter months when black-faced spoonbills migrate here, inviting government agencies, local businesses, communities and NGO groups to work together to protect the Black-faced Spoonbill and provide a diverse range of activities for public outreach and engagement. This year, the Taijiang Management Office will hold the "2020 Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season – Happy All the Way" on October 31. The activities of the day include "Black-faced Spoonbill Season HAPPY One Day Tour,” "Black-faced Spoonbill HAPPY Market,” " Black-faced Spoonbill HAPPY Exclusive Discounts.” In short, there’s something for everyone during the activities, with many diverse options for visitors to learn about the majestic black-faced spoonbill, Taijiang's ecological environment, and the highlights of the community's vibrant creative & cultural arts scene. With the gradual slowdown of the pandemic in autumn, there’s no better way to lead a happy life than visiting Taijiang National Park!
In order to provide more opportunities to the public more opportunities to watch the black-faced spoonbill, the "Black-faced Spoonbill Season HAPPY One Day Tour" takes visitors along the Chengxi Wetlands to observe winter migratory birds, taste local specialties such a Pickled watermelon rind with milkfish, and then cruise through mangrove forests with recreational rafts to catch sightings of the black-faced spoonbill. The One Day Tour can be booked on the website of the Taijiang Management Office for a cost of NT$350 per person. A “Black-faced Spoonbill HAPPY Market” has also been set in front of the main plaza of Taijiang National Park Visitor Center. Starting from noon, the market will feature goods and snacks marketed by local communities and NGO groups. Visitors can also collect stamps after completing exciting challenges to win souvenirs and DIY products with themes featuring the “Three Treasures of Taijiang”: Black-faced spoonbills, black-winged stilts, and the pied avocet. During the promo period of the "Black-faced Spoonbill Season HAPPY Exclusive Discounts,” enjoy exclusive discounts at the souvenir shop in the Taijiang National Park Visitor Center. Visitors who are interested in taking the Dayuan recreational fishing raft tour will have the opportunity to catch sightings of the black-faced spoonbill, the vast estuaries of Sicao, the impressive oyster farms, and explore the secrets of mangroves and its fiddler crabs. Come enjoy beautiful sceneries and endless fun at Taijiang National Park. 
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