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Legacy of Liukong Wharf
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Liukong Wharf in Tainan is an important scenic site in Taijiang National Park. The wharf is not only a fishery site but also the point of departure for visiting lagoons and sandbars. In addition, Tainan City Government uses the place for its clam digging festival.

Because of the hot weather, intense sunlight, high salt content, and strong north winds, many facilities at the wharf had been seriously corroded and damaged, making the wharf not so appealing for visitors. In view of these conditions, Headquarters commissioned a professional design team to renovate the wharf with being sustainable, weatherproof, and easily maintained as priorities. In addition, Headquarters wants to have an embankment allowing people to stroll around and bringing people closer to the inner sea of Taijiang. The wharf is more than a place for festivals or celebrations; it should be a nice place for visitors and local residents to relax and break away from the mundane.

In accordance with the above needs and ideas, in April 2018, a brand-new, white sun-shading structure was inaugurated at the wharf plaza, which definitely needs a sunshade. Aside from the sunshade structure, a semi-outdoor dining area has been set up, and along the embankment, streamlined benches are available inviting visitors to enjoy sea breezes, taste delicious local dishes, and adore the exquisite Qigu lagoons and Taijiang scenery. To improve the traffic flow, steps are built to allow people to walk from the plaza to the water area. This year, our Chih Tsui Yuan Festival was held at the wharf, and the activity attracted nearly 16,400 participants. We hope that after transforming Liukong Wharf into a multi-purpose site for leisure, eco-tourism, cultural learning and adding value to the wharf, the new wharf will drive the development of the local and the tourism industries further.
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