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The “Singing While Walking on This Land - Taijang Coast” art exhibition opens on June 22
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The Taijiang National Park Headquarters invited the artist Yen Sheng Che to draw in Taijiang based on the coastal habitat and water birds in the area. He explored the abundant habitat and views of Taijiang from the perspective of a painter. His artworks can help people learn about the valuable resources of the Taijiang National Park through the arts. The “Scenes of the Earth - Taijang Coast” art exhibition opened on June 22, 2019. The artist Yen Sheng Che, Wu Tsung Jung, the Chairman of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd., Huang Chien Chih, the Captain of the Seventh Division, The Seventh Special Police Corps, and Lin Wen Min, the Section Chief of the Taijiang National Park Headquarters, opened the exhibition together.
The “Scenes of the Earth - Taijang Coast” art exhibition was held from June 22, 2019 (Sat.) to August 11, 2019 (Sun.) at the Special Exhibition Room on the second floor of the Visitor Center in the Taijiang National Park Headquarters. A total of 33 artworks were displayed and all featuring the Taijiang National Park. Close shot, close up, perspective, and blending of feelings and settings were adopted for the drawings. These artworks included ink and oil paintings. By integrating arts with habitat, we hope that these artworks can touch people's heart and raise people’s awareness on conservation and ecological maintenance. For event information, please go to the website of Taijiang National Park. You are welcome to click on like and follow the Facebook fanpage of Taijiang National Park for the latest news on the event.
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