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Invites people to join the “Meet the Crab and Listen to the Chirping of Cicadas” event
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In the summer, groups of Taiwanosemia hoppoensis in the Cheng Hsi Windbreak at Taijiang start to sing together at sunset. When the sky turns dark and the moon tide calls, mud-flat cardisoma-crabs stick out from a brushwood to release their larvae on the beach wholeheartedly. The Taijiang National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Headquarters) will organize the “Meet the Crab and Listen to the Chirping of Cicadas” event on July 20, 2019. The purpose of the event is to invite people to get closer to nature and listen to the sounds of nature in summer.
Taiwanosemia hoppoensis (formerly named as Peipuchan) is a Taiwan endemic species. It is mostly found in the beef wood windbreaks on the coast at the plains in western Taiwan. The population and distribution of this cicada in the Taijiang National Park are the largest among all habitats in Taiwan. In contrast with other cicada species that chirp during the day, these cicadas sing together only at daybreak and sunset. They’re identified by their red eyes and the lightning bolt on their wings. Cicadas are in the windbreakers. Mud-flat cardisoma-crabs, a type of large crab, are in the caves under the tree. In contrast with sea turtles that must return to the beach for spawning, mud-flat cardisoma-crabs live on land. During the breeding season, female crabs must go to the beach to release larvae on specific nights. The larvae free-float on the ocean for a period of time and return to the land.
The Headquarters holds the “Meet the Crab and Listen to the Chirping of Cicadas” event on July 20 for people to know about this distinctive insect and land crab. People can observe how land crabs overcome obstacles on their way to release larvae on the beach. People can also watch the sunset at Cheng Hsi and enjoy the local food in the community in this summer nature tour. Whoever is interested in the event can go to the website of Taijiang National Park for registration details. The contact number for this event is 06-2842600 (ext. 1508).
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