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Taijiang Night Trip: Sign-up Starting October 2
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Autumn winds turn cool,
Beautiful Beishanwei ocean waves under moonlight,
Time for the Taijiang night trip

For the public to experience Taijiang National Park’s unique wetland environment, the culture, and history, Taijiang National Park Headquarters is collaborating with local NGOs to organize a Taijiang night trip on October 27, 2018. The goal is to rally people to protect the river and the land.

In the afternoon, participants will depart from Taijiang National Park Headquarters. They will first take a rubber raft to visit Sicao Lake, a remnant of the inner sea. Next before sunset, the participants will walk north along Beishanwei embankment to the security checkup office at Luermen and take a break. When it gets dark, the participants will start the trip again; they will walk north to the mysterious Beishanwei beach and then to Luermen estuary. Afterward, they will walk east along Luermen River, and Chenmen Temple of Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga) are along the way. Later in the evening, the participants will take a break and enjoy some refreshments at Tienhogong (Mazu) before taking the Beishanwei Road back to Headquarters.

Taijiang night trip is not an activity for the general public; the participants have to walk for a long period of time and tolerate high temperatures during the day. This activity is more than environmental education; it is a physical challenge requiring strength and endurance. Therefore, we hope that before anyone registers for this activity, they assess their physical condition. This activity opens for online registration on October 2, 2018 at 10:00 Am. Two hundred seats only. To learn more about this activity, please visit Taijiang National Parks website ( or contact the Taijiang night trip executive team at 06-5933726.
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