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2018 Wildview: National Park Film Festival
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To coordinate with the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior, Taijiang National Park Headquarters has organized the 2018 Wildview: National Park Film Festival presenting films produced by Taiwan’s national parks and films from the WildView Taiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen. A total of 20 international film festival award-winning films featuring Taiwan’s national parks in recent years are being exhibited. These films produced by Taiwan’s well-known documentary film-makers reveal the unique environmental characteristics, ecological resources, and culture of Taiwan’s national parks. Various exquisite filming skills were employed in recording the scenery, sounds and voices, which are perfectly integrated into these stunning and heart-touching works for the audience.

The 15 nominated or award-winning films selected from the Eighth WildViewTaiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen feature various ecological and nature environmental issues. These films are produced by professional nature documentary film crews worldwide using special filming techniques including aerial photography, underwater photography, macro photography, slow motion, and time-lapse photography. These brilliant works are not only educational but also aesthetically pleasing.

The film festival will be held from August to December, 2018, and for two Saturdays each month, films will be presented in the auditorium of the newly inaugurated Visitor Center. There will be volunteers introducing the films, sharing related information and comments, and interacting with the audience to help them learn about the beautiful scenery, culture, and conservation efforts of these national parks as well as to acquire more knowledge about global environmental and ecological achievements.

For more information related to the schedule and activities, please visit the website of Taijiang National Park. You can also go to Taijiang National Park Facebook Fan Page to give us a thumbs up and be our followers to be updated with our latest activities.

About the films:
Name Date Content
Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas: Introducing Taijiang National Park: Beautiful Wetlands of Taiwan 8/4, 8/18, 9/15, 10/20, 11/17, 12/15 The maker of this film used a variety of filming techniques including aerial photography, underwater photography, ultra-slow motion photography, and macro photography to captureexquisite, high quality images from wetlands to the sea and then to the sky, showing the audience the amazing ecological treasures of Taijiang National Park and the cruel but true interspecific competition for survival. The audience will learn about how Taijiang National Park and local people work together creating their fertile fields and fruitful seas and protecting the homeland where they make their living.
Director: Rickman Chien
Awards: The 50th WorldFest-Houston (Gold Award of the Ecology/Environment/Conservation category); The 2017 ART&TUR - International Tourism (First Prize of the Environment and Ecology category)
The Moonlight Coast – Kenting’s Land-Crabs’ Journey through Life 8/4 During the rainy season at Kenting, terrestrial crabs of all colors march to the seaside, as if they were summoned by the moonlight and the tides, starting their magical journey of life. In the moonlight, let’s explore Kenting, known to be the place with the greatest variety of terrestrial crabs in the world, learn about how mother crabs taking a risk spawning, and help these mother crabs protect their baby crabs so the baby crabs can grow in safety and survive.
Director: Bruce Hsu
Awards: The 35th International Wildlife Film Festival of Montana, USA (Film Art Honor Award, Best Education Award, and Best Environmental Protection Award)
Awakening of Insects 8/18 Awakening of insects by thunder: This is the time at Kenting when terrestrial insects finally wake up from the long winter sleep and plants start budding restlessly. A new journey of life is about to begin. The close links between all living things change with the season, bringing countless surprises to visitors to the wonderful habitat here at Kenting. Let’s start with the awakening of insects, and we will tell you endless stories about them and their habitat. 
Director: Bruce Hsu
Awards: The 33rd International Wildlife Film Festival of Montana, USA (Film Art Honor Award and Best Education Award)
Exploring the Sea 8/18 In the ocean here at Kenting, there are hippocampus bargibanti camouflaged in the coral reefs, while the mysterious corals are spawning. This amusing cohabitation, however, is mingled with competition. The corals have already alarmed us with the SOS signals. The director of this film will guide us learning about corals by first teaching us correct scuba diving concepts and the correct way to do this activity. Then he will take us to visit the marine world to say ‘hi’ the various ocean animals and understand the coral crisis.
Director: Li Chin-hsing
Awards: The 33th International Wildlife Film Festival of Montana, USA (Film Art Honor Award, Best Sound Effects Award, Underwater Award, and Best Educational Award)
A Brief History of the Grey-Faced Buzzard Conservation in Taiwan 9/1 During the Spring Equinox on the lunar calendar, about twenty to thirty thousand of grey-faced buzzards fly above us. Where are they heading? We used the weather radar to track grey-faced buzzards returning north. In March, we observed two “rivers” of grey-faced buzzards above the ocean at the south of Hengchun Peninsula. These buzzards were flying to southeastern Siberia, northeast China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan. We further explored the various behaviors of grey-faced buzzards, in terms of their courtship, mating, nesting, feeding birds, leaving the nest, moving, and flying. Come and meet the wonderful grey-faced buzzards.
Director: Teng Wen-bin
Awards: The 33th International Wildlife Film Festival of Montana, USA (Best Educational Award); The 43th WorldFest-Houston (Platinum Remi Award for Nature/wildlife)
Kengting, an Island of Winds 9/1 Surrounded by oceans on three sides, Kenting is an island of winds. Although winds are something we cannot see, they, together with the mountains and seas at Kenting, exert a significant influence on Hengchun Peninsula during all four seasons: from sika deer to grey-faced buzzards. This wind is the well-known downslope winds (the occasional monsoons) that cross the Central Range, unleashed on Kenting every winter. The effect of downslope winds is extensive, from the landscapes here to human settlements, and to agricultural products, plants, animals, and more. The story of the downslope winds starts here.
Director: Bruce Hsu
Awards: The 2018 Best Shorts Competition (Film short for travel); The 51th WorldFest-Houston (Platinum Award of the Ecology/Environment/Conservation category)
Postcards from Nan-an     9/15 The story begins at the beautiful rice paddy fields surrounding the famous tree named after Takeshi Kaneshiro at Nan-an. We will travel with the leading female character to the beautiful Nan-an countryside and take and send out many stunning pictures triggering the artistic feelings of those living in the hustle and bustle of cities lacking inspiration. The postcards recorded the beautiful scenery of Nan-an and its rich culture.At the end of the story, the leading female character found her love under the golden sunlight in the paddy fields at the foot of Mountain Yu. The story ends here but their life journey is just about to begin. The director’s filming skills are superb.  
Director: Seanwen Yang
Awards: The 2017 Accolade Global Film Competition (Award of Merit); The 51th WorldFest-Houston (Platinum Award)
Mountaineering to Yushan 9/15 Use the heart to experience the magnificent landscapes of mountains, and only with the heart can we sense the inner beauty and the very essence of mountains and then come to understand nature. Ku Ming-kuang, our guide specializing in high mountains takes us to experience what touches him the most about mountains and guides us not only in how to respect mountains but also to recognize the volatile nature of mountains. He also teaches us the essential knowledge about mountain equipment, physical requirements, and methods for handling the garbage we create. Most importantly, Mr. Ku shows us how to truly enjoy our visit to mountains, explore nature, and be inspired whole-heartedly and spiritually.
Director: Seanwen Yang
Awards: The 2017 Accolade Global Film Competition (Award of Merit); The first Festival Terres Catalunya, International Eco & Tourism Film Festival (Short Films and Sustainability Award); The 2017 ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival (Short Docs First Prize); The 51th WorldFest-Houston (Platinum Award for short film documentary)
The Starlight Ninja: Small Indian Civet 10/6 In the early dusk when the crowds of people gradually melt away from the wild, ninja-like small Indian civets, a species which remains perplexing to zoologists, quietly and sneakingly appear at the natural trail of Yangming Mountain. Small Indian Civets are probably the most mysterious nocturnal animals, and spotting a civet is like hitting the jackpot. Come and unlock the secret of small Indian civets.
Taroko Forest Story 10/6 The mother is a nature-loving conservation volunteer spending her entire life pursuing eternity at Taroko. The son, a musician thirsty for freedom, follows in his mother’s footsteps coming to Taroko to explore life. We trail the mother and son from Qilai and Nanhu to Hehuan Mountain, and then from Lushui, Jiuqu Cave to Shakayu Stream, unveiling the world-class scenery of Taroko, the exciting marathon event, the thrilling Formosan sambar deer fights, the valley shaped by fierce typhoons, the important bird breeding, and the metamorphosis of Dichorragia nesimachus. All show the perseverance and vitality of Taroko. Here is the story of the four seasons of Taroko.
Taroko Landscapes   10/20 This film is about a young Truku stone sculpture artist facing a bottleneck in life and feeling low who comes to redicover the amazing and magnificent scenery and the unique and stunning geological history of Taroko through a geology student. From relearning the land and revisiting Taroko, the sculpture artist ultimately removes the bottleneck and acquires inspiration and power from the border-free nature. This micro movie unveils the most charming and sensual side of Taroko valley and Qingshui cliff, the two most popular landscapes of Taroko.
Director: Seanwen Yang
Awards: the 51th WorldFest-Houston (Platinum Award for dramatics)
Joy, Taroko 10/20 Joy, Taroko is a musical showing the life and culture of the Truku people living in the mountains. The Seediq (Truku language spoken) narrative, the traditional Truku music performed using a xylophone, jew’s harp, and other conventional instruments, and the various amateur actors and actresses from the Truku tribe blend well into the storyline. The beautiful old song poetically tells the culture of the Truku tribe, from migration, face tattoos, and rattan to hunting, bride kidnapping, and farming life.
Species from the Jurassic Period: Guanwu Salamander 11/10 The Guanwu Salamander is a living fossil left on Earth from before the Ice age. Guanwu Salamanders are hidden somewhere in the Shei-Pa National Park, and after three years of research investigation and image recording, Guanwu Salamander’s mysterious life history is finally unlocked, an important milestone for Salamander conservation. Lives are created in nature, and in order to survive, they have to go through various challenges and endless competitions. Guanwu Salamanders finally safely come out of the eggs, but for Guanwu Salamander conservation, more effort and care are needed.
Once Upon a Time 11/10 Filmed over two years, Once Upon a Time presents the migration of the Tayal, a collective memory of the Tayal people, in drama. The father-son conflicts triggered by the younger generation’s eagerness to express themselves and a lack of understanding of ecological reproduction are resolved in the festival. Their affection for each other is rekindled. The old chieftain, with his conventional ecological wisdom, determines the time for the tribe to migrate. In the entire process, the Atayal language, rich in feeling, was spoken, expressing the melancholic rejuvenation of Tayal.
Director: Wen-pin Chen
Awards: The 41th WorldFest-Houston (Platinum Award for Ethnic/Cultural); The 2018 Youth Film Festival Beijing (Best Short Film); The 2018 Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival (Nominated)
The Quest 11/ 17 This film describes the migration history of the Kinmen people and the process of migration. The film also discusses the women left home serving the parents in-law and raising the children while waiting endlessly for their husbands to come back. There was a very successful businessman who migrated from Kinmen to Malaysia to do Sampan business, barge business, timber production, and trading in South Asia. After overcoming all difficulties, the businessman had successfully established his business empire in Malaysia and won  recognition as the head of overseas Chinese by the local government. His migration story is a miniature of our ancestors’ struggle to establish their own businesses.
Tree Kingfishers: Ecological Documentary of Kinmen’s Tree Kingfishers 11/17 Kinmen is a favorite place for bird watchers because of the wide variety of bird species. Tree kingfishers are pretty common in the Kinmen area, but they are rarely seen in Taiwan, and in fact, they have never been recorded yet in Taiwan. There are four species of tree kingfishers, and black-capped kingfishers, pied kingfishers, and white-throated kingfishers are uncommon in Taiwan. This film is a Kinmen ecological documentary.
Flying South and Returning North: Kinmen Bird Conservation 12/8 Kinmen island is at the middle of the arc of the continental coast, and because of the military restriction in the past, its natural environment has been well-preserved. In fact, Kinmen is a critical habitat spot for many migratory birds during their migration between Australia and East Asia. In this film, more than 300 birds, including winter migratory birds, summer migratory birds, transit birds, resident birds, and vagrants in Kinmen are recorded. This is an important ecological documentary of birds in Kinmen,
Wind Chasing Summer: An Ecological Documentary of Blue-Tailed Bee-Eaters 12/8 Kinmen exclusive! Blue-tailed bee-eaters are precious summer migratory birds in Kinmen National park. Aside from spending four years recording the story of these bee-eaters, the film crew also visited Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia to document other types of bee-eaters. This documentary presents the national park’s effort in building nests for bee-eaters, and there are many precious images, including digging holes from the ground to make a nest for breeding, group nest building and collaborative reproduction, and organizing group defense against the attacks of snakes or other animals. Nevertheless, group nesting can be easily targeted, and moreover, these animals can be easily wiped out if their habitat is destroyed. Therefore, it is important to protect those unprotected habitats.
South Sea Ring: Pratas Islands 12/15 Pratas Islands are like a ring made up of coral reefs that have accumulated for tens of millions of years. On this “jade ring” in the South China Sea, there are all kinds of creatures. This film shows us how these various creatures come to Pratas Island through ocean currents, winds, and humans, and how each species struggles to survive and to reproduce in order to start the next life journey. This film reveals the perpetual marine vitality and important links among marine species globally.
Visiting Taiwan by Kuroshio Current 12/15 Yami (Tao) people’s tatala boat symbolizes the tribe’s integration of their wisdom regarding plants and craftsmanship, and their marine experience. This film presents the making, the launching ceremony, and the voyage of an 18-person giant tatala boat—Si Mangavang—recorded from the air, on the land, and in the ocean. Si Mangavang means loaded with blessings. When crossing the ocean to visit Taiwan, a never visited destination, Lanyu warriors rowed the boat by hand for 18 days, against the strong Kuroshio Current and across the volatile and dangerous sea area near Eluanbi. Aside from successfully demonstrating the courage of marine people and the pursuit of adventure, these warrior also passes down Yami (Tao) people’s marine culture.
For more information about the Eighth Wildview: National Park Film Festival, please visit our website:
The public watching Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas at our Visitor Center.
Session Date Time Name Duration
1 8/4 09:30 Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas: Introducing Taijiang National Park: Beautiful Wetlands of Taiwan 23
2 10:30 Wildview: Operation Snow Tiger 60
3 14:00 Moonlight Coastline: Life Journey of Kengting’s Terrestrial Crabs 23
4 15:30 Wildview: Iceberg Mission 60
5 8/18 9:30 Awakening of Insects 24
6 10:30 Wildview: Shark Girl 59
7 14:00 Exploring the Sea 25
8 15:30 Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas: Introducing Taijiang National Park: Beautiful Wetlands of Taiwan 23
9 9/1 9:30 A Brief History of Grey-Faced Buzzard Conservation in Taiwan 24
10 10:30 Wildernessview: New Wilderness: Homeland 56
11 14:00 Kengting, an Island of Winds 24
12 15:30 Wildview: Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur 59
13 9/15 9:30 Postcards from Nan-an 22
14 10:30 Wildview: India’s Wandering Lions 51
15 14:00 Mountaineering to Yushan 16
16 15:30 Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas: Introducing Taijiang National Park: Beautiful Wetlands of Taiwan 23
17 10/6 9:30 The Starlight Ninja: Small Indian Civet 25
18 10:30 Wildview: Returning Kingfisher 51
19 14:00 Taroko Forest Story 25
20 15:00 Wildview: Easter Eggs Live 48
21 10/20 09:30 Taroko Landscapes 18
22 10:30 Wildview: Life Is One 53
23 14:00 Joy, Taroko 50
24 15:30 Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas: Introducing Taijiang National Park: Beautiful Wetlands of Taiwan 23
25 11/10 9:30 Species from the Jurassic Period: Guanwu Salamanders 25
26 10:30 Wildview: Wild Expectations 41
27 14:00 Once upon a time 25
28 15:00 Wildview: Disneynature Monkey Kingdom 81
29 11/17 09:30 The Quest 80
30 11:00 Wildview: Wild Weather with Richard Hammond - Water The Shape Shifter 51
31 14:00 Tree Kingfishers: Ecological Documentary of Kinmen’s Tree Kingfishers 26
32 15:30 Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas: Introducing Taijiang National Park: Beautiful Wetlands of Taiwan 23
33 12/8 09:30 Flying South and Returning North: Kinmen Bird Conservation 30
34 10:30 Wildview: Life Story: First Steps 60
35 14:00 Wind Chasing Summer: An Ecological Documentary of Blue-Tailed Bee-Eaters 54
36 15:00 Wildview: Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale 92
37 12/15 09:30 South Sea Ring: Pratas Islands 20
38 10:30 Wildview: Tribes, Predators and Me Anaconda People of the Amazon 60
39 14:00 Visiting Taiwan by Kuroshio Current 56
40 15:30 Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas: Introducing Taijiang National Park: Beautiful Wetlands of Taiwan 23
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