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Terrestrial Crab Reproduction Seminar: Secrets Unveiled
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Each year in Taijiang, between the second and the ninth days after the full moon from lunar June to September, ovigerous female Cardisoma carnifex crabs will start to travel from the shores of fish ponds, tidal ditches, the periphery of mangrove forests, and the windbreak along the sea shore and cross roads, streets and embankments until they reach the seaside to hatch the eggs into crab zoea larvae. Many crabs will walk toward the seashore in the moonlight. It is an amazing natural wonder.

To encourage the public to get involved in protecting and conserving terrestrial crabs, it is important to teach them about terrestrial crabs commonly seen in Taijiang National Park and understand the role of terrestrial crabs in the ecosystem. Therefore, Headquarters has planned two seminars presenting terrestrial crabs, one in August and one in September. The first seminar on August 20 was completed successfully. On September 18, there will be a second seminar, and this time, the keynote speaker Dr. Liu Hung-chang will talk about terrestrial crab reproduction. Dr. Liu is a terrestrial crab expert with many years of terrestrial crab research experience. He will teach us the secrets of terrestrial crab reproduction, so we will understand the importance of terrestrial crabs in the ecosystem.

This seminar will be held between 14:30 and 16:30 on September 18, 2018 at Auditorium 1 of the Visitor Center of Taijiang National Park Headquarters. No registration is needed. For those participating in the entire seminar, the two hours in the seminar can be counted as two hours of environmental education. Government employees will obtain a credit of two hours for government employee lifelong learning. Participants will also receive a small gift. For more information related to the activity, please visit the website of Taijiang National Park ( or visit Taijiang National Park Facebook Fan Page to give us a thumbs up or be our followers to get our latest news. For any related questions, please contact Ms. Kao of Education Section at 06-2842600 (ext. 1603).
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