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Weekend Market Makes a Comeback at Taijiang Academy
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With the cooling autumn breeze upon us, Taijiang National Park Weekend Market is returning in full force! Featuring an assortment of the agricultural, fishery, and salt products, why not come check out some great local products on your eco-tour visit? The market will be held on November 14th (Sat) from 12pm till 5pm at the plaza in front of the Taijiang National Park Visitor Center.
Pickled watermelon rind is a specialty product of the Chengxi Community. As a by-product of watermelon cultivation, watermelons that are not aesthetically marketable are removed by farmers and then peeled and preserved in salt. The slightly sour taste of this product from the natural fermentation process makes it pair well with fish soup, fried eggs, and other dishes. The Community has even developed a sugar-fried Pickled watermelon rind snack. You cannot stop having bite after bite after trying it out!
Yantian Community has a long history in salt production and is famous for its traditional tile paved salt fields. Even today, the Community uses the most traditional and natural way to produce sea salt – through the sun-dried process. From coarse salt used in making preserved foods or cleaning, table salt used in cooking, to fleur de sel used in high-end cuisines, they are an essential part of our dietary needs.
Sangu Community is known for being the most outstanding artisans in the market. Fried red onions and fermented bean curds are some of their most popular products. The Community also makes handicrafts such as shellfish necklaces and hand-woven bags using the same patterns used to make fishing nets. You can even pick your favorite colors and place an order for a customized bag!
In addition to the special products that you can purchase and take home with you on the spot, the Community Associations have also launched a variety of special tours, so that everyone can bring home a full Taijiang experience and many happy memories! The Chengxi Community has launched “Planting Watermelons with Mr.Melon” and “Fishing Experience with Uncle Village Chief” tour experiences, where visitors are taught how to make Pickled watermelon rinds and dried fish. The itinerary is from 9am to 2pm, and includes a fresh and hearty village seafood meal. Sangu Community was inspired by the recently trending augmented reality games and launched the "Echoes of Time" package tour, as well as an “Oyster Farming Tour” based on experiencing the life of oyster farmers. Come visit the weekend market and inquire on-site for more itinerary details!
Everyone’s welcome to Taijiang National Park Visitor Center and the Weekend Market! Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly and keep a social distance greater than one meter to shop with peace of mind. Please prepare your own container or shopping bag to play your part in protecting the environment.
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