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Autumn Crab Festival: Parent-Child Picture Book Collage DIY
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The cool and comfortable autumn weather is excellent for taking a family trip. This year, Taijiang National Park would like to invite everyone for the autumn crab festival.

Located at the river-sea junction along the southwest coast of Taiwan, Taijiang National Park is known for its excellent wetland habitat for various crab species; some of these crabs are sand artists, some are sprinters, and some are architects. Would you like to meet them? Parents can bring the kids to our autumn crab festival: Parent-Child Picture Book Collage DIY.

This activity will be held at 10:00 AM on September 29 (Saturday), 2018. First, we will have the Taijiang fun picture book interactive activity and the story-telling activity. Next, Waha, a well-known artist who used to study in the UK, will show the participants tips on making a crab collage and lead the parents and kids in making their own crab collage. The goal here is to introduce the public to the beautiful illustrations and easy to read words of Taijiang Fun picture books, which are great for parents and kids to learn about ecology, to make their own crab artworks, and to create a wonderful autumn memory for the family.

For more information related to the festival, please visit Taijiang National Park’s website ( The registration starts on September 21 (Friday) at 10:00 AM. Limited seats. Those who have successfully registered and participated in the entire activity will receive a small gift. If you have any related questions, please contact Ms. Lin of the Education Section at 06-2842600 (ext. 1507). You can also visit our Taijiang National Park Facebook Fan Page, give us a thumbs up, and be our followers to learn about our latest activities.
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