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“Behind the Mist: Taijiang National Park:” Modern Chinese brush painting exhibition
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The Taijiang National Park Headquarters has been in collaboration with the Contemporary Chinese Painting Association and its subordinate societies since 2015. The collaboration aims to help people learn about valuable resources in the Taijiang National Park in a diverse way, and carry forward the maintenance of ecosystem, conservation of natural resources and sustainable development. The Taijiang National Park Headquarters holds an opening ceremony on December 28, 2018. Chen Ming Hsien, the Chairman of the Contemporary Chinese Painting Association and Hsieh, Wei-Sung, the Director of the Taijiang National Park Headquarters, will start the exhibition together.
We used to take pictures to record the sights of Taijiang but it was different this time. In the “Behind the Mist: Taijiang National Park,” we invited Professor Chen Ming Hsien and the artists he led, which are members of the Contemporary Chinese Painting Association to integrate traditional and contemporary Chinese brush painting. They use brushes to paint the beauty of Taijiang National Park on the canvas with an all-out effort. The artistic concepts of the works are almost realistic but hazy at the same time. The themes of the works extend from nature to humanity. The observation and thought of the painters are stacked on the canvas by dribs and drabs. The painters depicted the profound affection of this land. We hope that the beautiful scenes in Taiwan can become famous worldwide by showing the paintings and art language.
The “Behind the Mist: Taijiang National Park” exhibition is held from December 28, 2018 (Fri.) to February 10, 2019 (Sun.) at the Special Exhibition Room in the Tourist Center of the Taijiang National Park Headquarters. Art is inspired by nature, but artists must convert the beauty of nature themselves in their mind. We hope that these artworks can touch people's heart and raise people’s awareness of conservation, restoration and ecological maintenance. Therefore, people will cherish and care about this land more. We expect to enhance the visibility of ecological conservation and the status of arts and culture in Taiwan. For event information, please go to the website of Taijiang National Park. You are welcome to click on like and follow the Facebook fan page of Taijiang National Park for the latest news on the event.
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