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2020 “Taijiang Night Walk” A Great Success with Over 300 Participants
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In 2020 the Taijiang National Park Management Office partnered with Tainan University Taijiang Branch once again to jointly hold the "2020 Taijiang Night Walk" on October 24, 2020. The event attracted more than 300 enthusiastic participants from all over Taiwan. During the event, Tainan Mayor is Huang Wei-cher, legislator Chen Ting-fei, Chang Wen-hsiung (director of the joint service office of Tainan City Councilor Chen Yizhen), Lin Chien-nan (deputy director of the service office of legislator Wang Ting-yu), Lin Yi-Chun (representative of Tainan City Council Speaker Kuo Hsin-liang), Lin Yi-hsuan (assistant to Tainan City Council Deputy Speaker Lin Ping-li), Lai Chin-Te (Secretary to City Councilor Huang Li-Chao), Captain Huang Chien-chih of the Seventh Brigade, Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Administration, Ministry of the Interior, and Chang Wei-chuan, head of the Park Section of the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior came to the event and encouraged the participants.
The event kicked off in the afternoon, with participants setting off from the Taijiang National Park Management Office. The participants were broken into small groups and were led on a walking tour to learn more about Taijiang National Park. First, participants took rubber rafts to visit the mangroves of Sicao Lake and learn about the intertidal flora and fauna and then set foot on the mysterious and enchanting Beishanwei Beach. They then headed north to the mouth of the Lu'ermen River with the sound of rolling waves and continued east along the Luermen River to the Zhenmen Temple, which is dedicated to the famed general Koxinga. After a short rest, participants proceeded towards Matsu Temple, which protects the seafaring people, for a snack. After replenishing energy with the light snacks, participants walked along Beishanwei Road towards the finish line, where they were presented with a certificate of completion. From walking from dusk till night, the participants learned about the history and culture of Taijiang and early pioneers who crossed the seas to settle on this land. They also gained an in-depth understanding of the ecology of the wetlands in Taijiang National Park.
“2020 Taijiang Night Walk” marks the 9th consecutive year of this much-anticipated annual event. The organizers thank all participants who came to join in on this 13km journey through the heart of this natural wonderland. This is also a journey of learning about our environment. By collaborating with local partners, the Taijiang National Park Management Office hopes to inspire participants to have compelling experiences and views on National Parks. It is hoped this will lead to a new generation of people who take action in protecting their local culture, ecology, and environment for sustainable development.
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