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Low carbon eco-tour in the Cheng Hsi Community, the guardian circle of Taijiang
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The Taijiang National Park and the Cheng Hsi Community in Annan District became community partners to build a long-term collaboration with the locals. We want to foster local talents by relying on the life wisdom of elders and the local advantages of residents. We use local resources and integrate the community power to create new highlights of the community. We expect that the Cheng Hsi Community can become a service base of the Taijiang National Park for the development of eco-tours, a venue for environmental education and resource sustainability and conservation.
The eco-tour in the Cheng Hsi Community is oriented on low-carbon lifestyle. The Taijiang National Park organized the “Cheng Hsi Low Carbon Kitchen” event in 2013, the “Teamwork Farm” and “Kang Tsai Shi Sea Breeze Seafood” events in 2017 and the “Kang Tsai Shi Fun Lifestyle with Seafood” event in 2018. The main characteristics of the low carbon eco-tour in the Cheng Hsi Community are local food, reduction of carbon footprint, and lifestyle of traditional fishing village.
Local participation and eco-tour have become the latest trend of the operation and management strategies for national parks nowadays. Various events were held, including industrial activities such as local fishing, fish scraping and bamboo rafting, learning of local plants, the “Kang Tsai Shi Sea Breeze Seafood” event, which the low-carbon kitchen was used, and kiln roasting. Throughout these events, visitors can discover the local industry, culture and habitat. Therefore, the eco-tour becomes more profound. The Taijiang National Park Headquarters will plan and launch the “Kang Tsai Shi Fun Lifestyle with Seafood” event this year (2018) by combining the community resources. We expect that this tour will become a new feature of the eco-tour in the Cheng Hsi Community. We hope that visitors can experience the hard work of local industry, the beauty of habitat and the passion of villagers and taste the delicious local dishes.
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