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Words from Director

Words from Director

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Teng-Lang Yu

Educational background

Donghua University Molecular Biology Doctor

Florida Institute of Technology Natural Resources Management Institute Maste

Chinese Culture University Department Of Oceanography Bachelor


Marine National Park Director General

Yushan National Park Director General

Taroko National Park Director General

Taroko National Park Deputy Director

Taroko National Park Chief Secretary

Taroko National Park Section Manage

Taroko National Park Assistant Technical Specialist、Specialis

Academia Sinica Institute of Zoology Assistant Researcher

Taijiang National Park is the only national park in Taiwan that possesses enriched characteristics of cultural history, ecological conservation and economic industry. In terms of management, it must begin with an innovative mindset of development trend of the new generation to achieve the protection of the nation's unique natural sceneries, wildlife and hereditary historical assets to keep the sustainability of all such resources, and furthermore, to set the goal of coexisting with the local. Since the establishment of Taijiang National Park Headquarter in December 28th, 2009, the staff of the Headquarter upholds Taijiang's five core values: cultural history, natural ecology, hereditary fisheries and salt assets, local coexistence and land aesthetics. Based on it, we are to ponder the future direction of developments and concrete procedures of Taijiang as to gradually implement the national park's planned objectives.

Words from Director

Words from Director

The Park Headquarters' effort of the past few years on the important achievements in terms of ecological conservation was to actively promote conservation action at the core of black-faced spoonbills. It was combined with the relevant units to jointly promote research to develop diversified wetland habitat by experimental programs, to increase the area of the black-faced spoonbills and migratory birds' foraging environment and to conduct tracking by banding the birds with the satellite and radio-tracking system. In conducting exchange and cooperation with both Korea and Shanghai Chongmin Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve, which are both located on the path of migratory birds, we have earned "Conservation Achievement Award" that was given by BirdLife International World Congress 2013. In terms of interpretion and education, we have completed the planning of interpretive system with the contents of the characteristics of black-faced spoonbills, wetlands, history and industry for the community-based ecotourism empowerment and to actively promote experiencing carbon reduction activities in depth. Moreover, on November 6th, 2012, certified by the EPA's environmental education facility, the first "Taijiang Wetlands School" was founded, a core promotional alliance was formed with National University of Tainan and several elementary schools to construct the framework of curriculum program of the environmental education. 7 sets of environmental education lesson plans have been developed to conduct activities such as professional learning, outdoor education and on-site promotion to work towards the establishment of wetland environmental education learning center. In terms of environmental management of the park, except teaming up with Tainan City Government to jointly promote Taijiang's Shanhaichun Plan and to continue working on the improvements of the facilities and environment of the important recreation sites in the park, we also cooperated with the famous Bio-architecture Formosana to complete the construction plan and architectural design of the permanent administration and visitor center located near Dayuan Port of Sicao, it is expected to be completed in 2015. It will be built into the new landmark of Tainan to enhance the functionalities of recreation and environmental education, and to drive the local's development.