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What’s the scope and area of Taijiang National Park?
Taijiang National Park covers both sea and land, with a total surface area of 39,310 hectares. The land area is about 4,905 hectares, including the Tainan County Chiku Lagoon (on the south bank of the Qingshan fishing port and west of the Chiku lagoon dike) and the 61 black-faced spoonbill conservation area, west of the No.61 road line. In the Tainan territory, the scope includes the Sicao wildlife conservation area, the coastal windbreak, the surroundings of the Ruermen River, and the public land area surrounded by Chia-Nan Canal and Yanshuei River. The sea area is about 34,405 hectares, including the coastal area, to a depth of 20 meters, and the main channel of Han Xianming Crossing Station, from Middle East Jiyu to the Ruermen.