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Why was Taijiang National Park established?
The Tainan coastal area was one of the regions engaged in early reclamation as a crossing station of the Han, and not only retains the cultural and historical relics of Siraya, but also keeps the historical sites of the Han abundant and completely restored throughout the changing times, as well as through terrain changes, such as the channel change of the Taijiang inland sea and the Zeng Wun River. As this area has long been used as a salt field, port and fish farms, for rapid economic development, Taiwan preserved the vast and precious wetland ecosystems, in which there arenot only a large number of mangroves dispersed throughout, but which has also become an important habitat for the black-faced spoonbill and other rare birds.

In order to preserve the rich natural, cultural and industrial resources of Taijiang, Taijiang National Park was formally established on September 28, 2009. The Headquarters held the inauguration ceremony on the morning of December 28. It is a memorial base and historic location that retains the most diverse and complete ecosystems in the Taiwan region.