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Are there bicycle paths in Taijiang National Park and what’s their range?
The 1st phase planning of the bicycle path was finished in April 2010, and mainly includes the surroundings of the Liukong Wharf and the Chiku District of Taipei City, and links the Liukong Wharf, South Bay Wharf, Hailiao Mangrove Forest, Bird Appreciation Pavilion of the black-faced spoonbill, and other scenic spots. The 2nd phase (2011) took the whole country and various homelands guarding circles as important to their planning, aiming to link the scenic spots, historical sites, and homeland guarding circles within the park, as well ascombining the bicycle path network of Tainan with the plan for the bicycle path system of the park.
This bicycle path planning put emphasis on the safety and comfort of the road surroundings, and coordinated the characteristics and heritages of the local places, to build a bicycle path characterized by stories, ecology, and spatial image. Through the construction of the bicycle path, the tourists can use green-energy transportation tools within the national park, to develop green economy, as well asgreen tourism. In this way, we will also gradually improve energy consumption and pollution emission problems caused by automobiles, improve our national leisure and sports environment and double the number of people participating in sports.