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Scenic Spots

Sicao Wetlands
Update Date:2019/8/15
Natural Ecosystems
The wetlands are of international importance. Over 300 years ago the wetlands of today were Beishanwei and Nanshan at the southern end of the Sicao Inland Sea. In the floods that followed a storm in 1823 Zengwen River changed course and the large amount of sediment washed down from upstream accumulated and created new land in Taijiang Inland Sea, also splitting the sea into three saltwater lagoons: Kunshen, Sicao and Cigu lagoons.
23°01'16.84920"N 120°08'14.65440"E
Barrier-Free Facility
  • 無障礙通路

    Accessible Road0

  • 無障礙坡道

    Handicapped Ramp0

  • 無障礙扶手

    Accessible Handrail0

  • 無障礙昇降機

    Barrier-Free Elevator0

  • 無障礙停車空間

    Accessible ParkingSpace0

  • 無障礙廁所

    Accessible Restroom0

  • 無障礙輪椅觀眾席位

    Accessible Seat0

  • 無障礙標誌

    Accessible Icon0

  • 無障礙愛心鈴

    Accessible LoveBell0