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Taijiang National Park Service Stations Spring Festival Business Hours and Events

  • PostDate:2022-01-25
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Taijiang National Park has a rich wetland ecology and industrial culture. It is close to the Tainan urban area, great for the whole family to travel to during spring vacation, when migratory birds are wintering there. There are chances to admire black-faced spoonbills, an endangered species, and many other kinds of beautiful migratory birds. To facilitate planning for Spring Festival and winter break trips, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters announced the following regarding the service station business hours and events during Spring Festival:


The service station is open for the first six days of the Chinese New Year


There are three service stations in Taijiang National Park (the Visitor Center, Liukong Service Station, and Black-Faced Spoonbill Birdwatching Pavilion). They are closed on January 31, 2022 (Chinese New Year’s Eve) and open from February 1 to 6 (the first six days of the Chinese New Year). The Visitor Center is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Liukong Service Station, and the Black-Faced Spoonbill Birdwatching Pavilion are open from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.


Films from the WildViewTaiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen will be screened during the Spring Festival


From January 29 to February 6, 2022 (except for Chinese New Year’s Eve), in addition to films that are normally screened in the Visitor Center, the latest films from the 11th WildViewTaiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen will be shown in the Second Screening Room. Two selected films from the Festival are screened per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). No sign up is required (audience members can take any seat). Refer to the showtimes in the attachment, or contact the Visitor Center (06-2842600 ext. 2001) for the film schedule and information.


Sign Up Now for Winter Break Events with the National Park


The Taijiang National Park Headquarters welcomes parents and children to come here for co-learning and making happy family memories over winter break. Besides the event “A Classroom in a Wetland? 10th Anniversary Environmental Education Exhibition in Taijiang National Park” at the Visitor Center, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters organized a series of planned events with the National Park. The event “Operation Eyes of the Lake” will be held on February 12, 2022. Visitors will get a chance to be a wetland surveyor for a day. Through river scouting mission, visitors can learn to examine environmental features through the scientific method, discover the current condition of the wetland environment, and explore the impact and interrelationship of human exploitation on the water resources of the river and wetlands in Taijiang National Park. Sign up is available now at this link. Please contact the Interpretation and Education Section of Taijiang National Park Headquarters for any questions (06-2842600 ext. 1509).