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2021 Youth Camp of National Park will be extended to August 17 ~ 20

  • PostDate:2021-05-11
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The call of the sea and the sun, the "Sea Men " will once again gather in Taijiang. By visiting the alleys, exploring the memories of the sea men , riding on the rafts, and cruising against the wind, joining people can experience a test of wisdom, courage and physical strength. To experience the life of the local residents, visitors become an environmental envoy, and contribute to our land.


Taijiang National Park is located on the southwest coast of Taiwan with rich wetland and marine ecology, containing the historical heritage culture of Taiwan and the traditional industry of fishing and salt, it is the best place for outdoor exploration and learning. Taijiang National Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as Taijiang Office) every year holds the most anticipated summer camp event, Youth Camp. The Camp is entering its 9th year and will be open for registration soon. We welcome students in grades 5-7 after this summer vacation across the country to become Taijiang Sea Man, by taking this adventure and visiting the story of the land together to create the most meaningful summer vacation!

In order to enhance the students' concern for the environment and let them learn to work independently and in teams, Taijiang Office has planned a special Youth Camp with the theme of wetlands and oceans. This event was originally scheduled from July 20 to 23, 2021, but will be postponed to August 17 to 20 due to the anti-epidemic measures. This event includes searching for Anping historical and culture sites, intertidal ecological observation, beach purification, one-day oyster farmer experience, etc. Through various experiential activities, students are allowed to deeply understand the natural ecology, human history, and industrial economy in these local areas, and also cultivate interpersonal communication skills, enhance ecological conservation knowledge and skills, and be willing to take practical actions to protect the environment.

This event is mainly for students who will be in grades 5-7 after the summer vacation in Taiwan. In response to Covid-19, this year students will not stay overnight. The fee is TWD2,300 per person, and 36 students will be enrolled with admission according to the order of registration (6 students from low- and middle-income families will be subsidized with the registration fee, and relevant supporting documents must be provided, this is limited to 1 person from 1 household). The online registration period for the event reopens from August 3 to 6 until all vacancies are filled. To learn more, please visit the website of Taijiang National Park.