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What to do in Tainan? Come to join Fun Taijiang Fun Tour’s special itinerary!

  • PostDate:2021-05-05
  • Publisher:news
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The Taijiang National Park sightseeing shuttle bus "Fun Taijiang Fun Tour" adds new authorized stores, and accommodations in Anping B&B providing 20% off. The visitors will take the commentary car on the next day to spend a relaxed and intellectual half day. When returning to Anping Ancient Street they can rent a cheongsam with 25% off, and experience making their own hand-made pottery cup with 10% off!

"Fun Taijiang Fun Tour" is now running a mangrove forest line that combines natural ecology and industrial culture. By using a sightseeing shuttle bus, tourists head to the Sicao Mass Temple and take a boat without lining up to visit the green tunnel. Visitors go to the Anshun Salt Farm to taste natural sun-bathed sea salt in the traditional paddy salt field, and tofu pudding made of bittern. Finally, the tour will head to the Taijiang National Park Visitor Center, where the shops are also authorized by the sightseeing shuttle bus. When buying milkfish related products, remember to show the shuttle bus bracelet to get a 10% discount.

In addition, don't forget to get on the bus at Tainan Wei-Yat Grand Hotel, where you can enjoy a discount of 20% to 10% off on dining with a shuttle bus bracelet! After the tour, you may continue the trip to Tainan with a full meal.

Offers are updated at any time, please contact the stores for details, and sightseeing shuttle bus tourists can scan the QR Code on the ride bracelet to connect to the Internet and receive the latest information! The shuttle buses are equipped with a dedicated mobile phone that can share mobile internet access, so there is no need to worry about bursting internet traffic.