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Unauthorized parking in Taijiang National Park and riding a motorcycle or driving a car outside the permitted roads can be fined with up to TWD3,000

  • PostDate:2021-03-03
  • Publisher:news
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The Visitor Center of Taijiang National Park Administration is a "stilt house" building that creates a low-environmental impact field for visitors to closely observe the fishpond ecosystem. It not only has been rated as a diamond-level green building, which has been opened since its 2015 inauguration, but also attracts tons of tourists. In order to maintain the quality of tourist visits and parking, the National Park Administration added the 15th guideline of the prohibition in the Taijiang National Park area on January 25, 2021, which is "it is forbidden to occupy special parking spaces for specific objects, arbitrarily affect the traffic by parking vehicles, drive in off-road areas, or stop motorcycles". The first violation of the above provisions will be punished with a fine of TWD1,500 (hereinafter the same), and repeat offenders will be fined TWD3,000.

Since February 2020, the Seventh Brigade of the Seventh Special Police Corps of NPA of MOI has stepped up the patrol of illegal parking and illegal driving cases, including the three spaces "small passenger vehicles occupying the special parking spaces for large buses", "occupying special parking spaces for women and children or for people with disabilities" and "unauthorized parking outside parking spaces", and counted 237 cases by the end of 2020. In addition, there are 6 cases of illegal driving of vehicles into the Special Scenic Area along Qigu Sandbank of the National Park with a fine of TWD1,500 for the first violation of Paragraph 7 of Article 13 of the National Park Law, which prohibits vehicles from driving into areas other than those stipulated in the regulations.

In view of the problem of parking chaos and the illegal entry of motorcycles into the Special Sandbank Scenic Area or ecological protection areas in the park, we urge the public to abide by the laws and regulations, jointly maintain the ecology and environment status, and ride or park vehicles and motorcycles in accordance with the regulations without taking chances. Please do not randomly park cars and ride motorcycles into areas other than those stipulated in the regulations, so as not to affect traffic and damage the landscape environment or ecology.