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2021 A series of events of “Go on a date with the National Park”

  • PostDate:2021-02-24
  • Publisher:news
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In order to encourage the public to get close to the national parks and deeply experience the ecological and humanistic beauty of the national parks through diversified events such as tours, lectures and user experiences, Taijiang National Park Administration plans a series of events according to the season of every month, and welcomes the general public and parent-child families to sign up.

Anshun Salt Pan, a century-old salt industry site, has become a new ecological paradise after the glory of the salt industry faded. Come to experience the journey of plants and the salt industry and feel an abundance of spring and autumn in body and mind. Summer is the stage of Taiwanese Twilight Cicadas and the Cardisoma Carnifex, and "Encounter Cicada melody" interweaves a wonderful nocturne of community ecology, which is worth visiting at a summer night. It is very nice to stargaze in summer, watch black-faced spoonbills in winter, visit the sandbank and inland sea of the Taijiang, taste local cuisine in the fishing villages, and experience the impression of the Taijiang carved by ecology, humanity and industry in different seasons with the five senses. There are also the normal "Taijiang Wind and Cloud Record" which is a real-life puzzle solving game, "Stories Telling of Taijiang" which is a small theater, picture book storytelling, and handmade DIY activities, suitable for holiday visitors to participate together in the Visitor Center of Taijiang National Park.

The planned events for this year will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation, and the details of each activity and registration information will be announced on the official website.