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Taiwan WildView International Nature Film Festival - Taijiang Summer Screenings

  • PostDate:2022-08-23
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What’s a good place to hang out this hot summer? The Taijiang National Park Visitor Center may be a good option: watch a movie and have a cool summer date with nature that will enrich your body and soul! The park will hold special summer screenings as part of the "12th Taiwan WildView International Nature Film Festival" at the park’s visitor center during the summer holidays in August.

Through its international cooperation with the Wildscreen Film Festival in the United Kingdom, the WildViewTaiwan Nature Communication Society introduces nature films nominated, awarded, and recommended for "Green Oscars" every year to promote love for nature and ecological conservation.

The visitor center provides services such as tourist information, guided tours at set times, movie screenings, and information on the rich cultural history and natural ecology of Taijiang National Park through various display methods. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy the misty waves, aquatic plants, and green buildings of the beautiful Taijiang Wetlands.

The Covid-19 epidemic has not yet cooled down. Therefore, in accordance with the regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center and the Tainan City Government, adults and children must undergo temperature measurement before entering the museum and wear masks inside.

The Taijiang Summer Screening Schedule of the 12th Taiwan WildView International Nature Film Festival




Aug. 17


My Octopus Teacher


The Octopus in My House

Aug. 19


The Call of the Wild


Wild Shetland

Aug. 23


Savage Kingdom


Tiger Dynasty

Aug. 24


Seven Worlds, One Planet: Asia


The Condor and the Eagle

Aug. 26


Horse Tamer


Pushed up the Mountain

Aug. 30


Monkeys: An Amazing Animal Family - South America


The Flood - A World Reborn

Aug. 31


Disneynature Penguins


Peng Yu Sai


Venue: Taijiang National Park Visitor Center (No. 118, Sicao Avenue, Annan District, Tainan City)

Morning screenings: 09:30-12:00

Afternoon screenings: 13:30-16:30

Video Introductions: