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Taijiang National Park Organizes Bird Watching Tour by Bike

  • PostDate:2022-11-08
  • Publisher:news
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Taijiang National Park boasts a highly varied wetland environment with fish farms, abandoned salt fields, mudflats, and estuary sandbars. The lower reaches of the Yanshui River and Jianan Irrigation Channel are located withinin the national-level Yanshuixikou Wetlands which are adjacent to Taiwan’s world-class wetlands, the Sicao Wetlands.

The diverse wetland environment which is endowed with rich wildlife and plantlife provides an attractive environment for migratory birds which are in transit on their way south or stay over the winter as there is plenty for them to forage. Egrets love to nest in the seaside mangroves, where fiddler crabs, mudskippers and other tidal-loving creatures have their homes as well. Sandpipers, plovers, wild ducks, black-faced spoonbills, pied avocets, and black-winged stilts and other migratory birds also stay over the winter here.​​

During autumn and winter, these migratory birds return south to Taijiang to spend the winter. During e Bird Watching Tour by Bike on December 3, 2022, Taijiang National Park guides and visitors will cycle westbound in the ocean breeze from Guanhai Bridge to the Yanshui River mouth, and then towards the Jianan Irrigation Channel to the east, a 10km-long trip. Along this route, you will learn about the rich life in the estuary and the ecology of migratory birds. Leave Tainan City at the back of your mind as you leisurely ride your bike around this bird paradise.

The Bird Watching Tour by Bike is ideal for adults and children who love outdoor activities and ecological observation. The activity fee is TWD 200 per person, and there are 40 slots. Online registration is required, and registration is open from November 7 10:00 a.m. for as long as there are slots available. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bicycles, and bicycles may also be rented at the meeting point. For questions, please contact Mr. Chen, Tours and Education Section, Tel. 06-2842 600, ext. 1510.