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Anshun Salt Story House to open on 10 December 2022 in former salt workers dormitories

  • PostDate:2022-12-07
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The "Anshun Salt Fields" were Taiwan's first salt-making industrial zone. Built in 1919, this salt field marked the heyday of Taiwan's sun-drying salt industry. After the closure of the commercial salt pans, the salt workers communities remained, with their industrial and cultural history, amid the natural beauty of the surrounding ecological protection area. The Taijiang National Park Administration has allocated several owned and borrowed buildings in the area since September 2010, repairing and revitalizing the old facilities to serve as new exhibition spaces to display the salt industry’s culture and history and offer educational activities in the Anshun Salt Story House, which will open on 10 December 2022. The opening event will include the "Opening Ceremony" and "Outdoor Reality Puzzle-Solving Game". The general public, parents and children are welcome to join the event and explore the former saltworks that now house an exhibition showcasing the stories of the people working in the salt-drying industry and living in this beautiful area.


The "Opening Ceremony" will be held at 10:30 a.m. on 10 December 2022. The "Outdoor Reality Puzzle" is open to the public to participate freely from 11-16, challenge may take 40-50 minutes to finish. Follow the instructions to complete all the stages in the game app, and collect your special winner’s souvenir from the service desk. Please observe the Covid measures when participating in this event. For further detail, please visit the website of Taijiang National Park.