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Come play the Anshun Salt Fields Board Game, registration opens on 1 December 2022

  • PostDate:2022-12-06
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The Anshun Salt Fields in the Taijiang National Park were built in 1919 and have two types of sun-drying techniques: the tile-pan salt fields and the earth-pan salt fields. It is the first salt-making area in Taiwan. Most of the current Anshun Salt Fields have now been designated as an ecological protection area, while other parts have been incorporated into the Tainan City Industrial Zone. Several salt village buildings and a small part of the salt fields have been transformed into facilities that highlight the salt industry culture and offer ecological education.

To promote the local history and culture, the Taijiang National Park Administration (Administration) launches the "Anshun Salt Fields" board game, which opens for registration and on 1 December 2022. For further detail, please visit the official website of Taijiang National Park.

Play this fun and interesting game, learn about the history of sun-dried salt in Taiwan

The Anshun Salt Fields Board Game design is based on the heyday of Taiwan's salt industry development, with the Anshun Salt fields forming the game space where the players work as salt field operators. They encounter all sorts of unpredictable challenges, which they need to overcome through smart strategies and flexible allocation of resources. During the game, the players will experience the ups and downs of Taiwan's salt industry, come to understand the process of salt drying, feel the hardships of salt workers relying on the unpredictable sun and wind, and face choices between economic development and social responsibility. The game is fun and educational at the same time.

Monthly game experience, suitable for older pupils in elementary school

From December 2022 through March 2023, registration is open on the 1st and 2nd day of each month, this game requires logical thinking and is only suitable for older pupils of elementary school and up. The game is best played with teams of four or five players, which is why online group registration is required. On playing days, one session is played in the morning and one in the afternoon. The games are played at the Anshun Salt Fields, where staff facilitate the game. Please read the event brochure carefully and follow the Covid measures throughout the event.