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A Date with the National Park – Stargazing event “Spring Night Sky in Taijiang”

  • PostDate:2022-04-05
  • Publisher:news
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The sky of Taijiang is always beautiful and ever-changing. Unpredictable rosy clouds and a beautiful sunset always let visitors linger. At night, the fish farms, salt pans and wetlands that stretch as far as the eye can see are transformed into great places for stargazing. Visitor can embrace the land, wander under the starry sky and feel the wonder of nature.

The Taijiang National Park Headquarters holds the stargazing event “Spring Night Sky in Taijiang” at the visitor center on April 30 from 6 to 9 PM. Through collaboration with the Tainan Astronomical Education Area, experts guide visitors to watch the beautiful starry sky in Taijiang National Park, learn about stars in the spring night sky through the telescope, and explore the wonder of astronomy. We offer a chance to make intellectual and emotional nature experiences, while conveying the ideas of eco-friendliness and conservation.

Each participant has to pay NT$ 100. Up to 40 participants may join this event. Visitors may sign up for the event online and signing up starts on March 31, 2022 at 10 AM. Visitors are welcome to join and follow the Taijiang National Park fan page, and check out the latest event information. Visitors may also contact the Interpretation and Education Section of Taijiang National Park Headquarters for any question (06-2842600 ext. 1503, Mr. Gao).