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" Black-faced spoonbill IN Now!" 10/16 Taijiang Black-face spoonbill viewing season opens!

  • PostDate:2021-10-06
  • Publisher:news
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Taijiang National Park is the only wetland national park in Taiwan. Its important vast and rich wetlands are a winter habitat for migratory birds. During season when the black-faced spoonbill and other migratory birds spend their winter here from October to March of the coming year, Taijiang Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as Taiwan Office) organizes a series of activities to let the public understand the wetland ecology and the importance of conservation. In autumn, the black-faced spoonbill and other winter migratory birds have flown to Taijiang, and Taijiang Office plans to hold the opening event of "2021 Taijiang Black-face spoonbill viewing season" on October 16, 2010, welcoming the public and families with children to join together.

"2021 Taijiang Black-face spoonbill viewing season - Black Spoonbill IN Now!" which promotes migratory birds to visit and live with us, lets us understand and protect the wetland ecology with a friendly attitude. The opening event takes place at Taijiang National Park Visitor Center Plaza, and the local conservation groups, government agencies and communities are invited to cooperate to provide interesting and intellectual games, creative DIY, community markets, etc. The opening ceremony begins at 10:30 A.M. and a scavenger hunt (no registration required) takes place from 11:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., where the public can redeem special souvenirs (limited to 600 copies) to collect badges.

This event implements the epidemic prevention system registration, and participants must wear facial masks throughout the whole event. The number of participants is restricted to less than 300 people on site (depending on the epidemic prevention guidelines of the Central Epidemic Command Center). Interested parties can visit Taijiang National Park website to learn more.