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"The Roadside banquet - Taijiang Food Culture Special Exhibition" to experience food culture and reflect on the local custom

  • PostDate:2021-03-30
  • Publisher:news
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While working on nature conservation, the Taijiang National Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as Taijiang Office) continues to use a variety of ways to let the public understand the Taijiang from different perspectives. "The Roadside banquet - Taijiang Food Culture Special Exhibition" officially launches on March 24, 2021. This event is specially based on the book "Searching for the old cuisine of Taijiang" issued by the Taijiang Office, starting from the early eating habits and Taijiang ancient and early cuisines. Through the acquisition of ingredients, cooking methods, and eating utensils, etc., the tourists understand the wisdom of life while reflecting on these food cultures. Through this experience, everyone can easily feel the context of environmental changes, cultural development, and industrial changes for over the past 400 years of Taijiang to deeply understand it.

The special exhibition is divided into three major areas. Through wordings and illustrations, the outer exhibition area allows the public to understand the living habits of the Taijiang and how to interpret the act of eating and drinking. The inner exhibition area further introduces the food culture and local ecological ingredients of the Taijiang, the traditional utensils used in the early fishing replenishment activities, the oral and video records of local elders, and the special cuisines of different communities in Taijiang. Finally, the Taijiang Food Culture Scenario Exhibition area shows the roadside banquet culture and Taijiang food culture.

On the opening day, the Director of the Taijiang Office, Hsien Weisong said that since the establishment of Taijiang National Park, with the efforts of all parties, the public gradually came to understand the ecology. Besides the ecology, human history is also an important part of Taijiang National Park. Now the launch of the local food culture special exhibition lets the public learn from the necessary "food" in daily life, so everyone can be more integrated into the "past" of the Taijiang. To discover more stories of the Taijiang area, I especially invite everyone to taste the Taijiang with your eyes and learn about this land with your hearts.

The "Taijiang Food Culture Special Exhibition” will be exhibited from the 24th of March (Wednesday) to the 1th of August, 2021 in the Special Exhibition Room on the 2nd Floor in the Visitor Center of the Taijiang Office. To learn more, please visit the website of Taijiang National Park.