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Explore the Taijiang Wetlands - Low-Carbon Water Fun

  • PostDate:2022-06-27
  • Publisher:news
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Tidal streams, ditches and rivers crisscross Taijiang National Park, a varied landscape of estuaries, lagoons, intertidal zones, fish farms, salt pans, and mangroves, making it a great place for nature education.

To let people experience the unique wetland ecology of Taijiang National Park from a new perspective, the park’s management office will hold the "2022 Taijiang National Park Water Fun Experience " on July 23 at the pond of the visitor center and on July 24 at the Sicao Water Area of the ​​Yanshui River next to the visitor center.

At the events, the public can learn how to safely use and enjoy no-engine and pollution-free canoes and stand-up paddle boards (SUP) at two locations near the visitor center, a great place for parents with little children to have some safe water fun during the summer vacation. The self-powered activities will also show that good fun can be had without fossil fuel, while promoting eco-tourism, environmental awareness and the value of wetland conservation as practiced by Taijiang National Park.

The national park welcomes children of all ages that love nature and outdoor activities to join this activity. Online registration is recommended. On-site registration will be opened if there are any open slots. Please check the Taijiang National Park website for information on the itinerary, time slots, age limits, and fees.