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The Taijiang Campus

  • Update Date:2021-09-16
  • Cultural History
The campus is nestled within the Sicao Fish Pond Area to the north of Sicao Boulevard and to the south of Yanshui River. It was officially opened on 13 Jan 2016. In addition to maintaining the existing landscape, its stilted “floating building” structure allowed for the preservation of the existing fish pond upon which it stands. A network of waterways connects the campus’s fish ponds and links them to the adjacent Chianan Irrigation Canal so that the water level of the ponds ebbs and flows with the tide; this allows for a steady inflow of nutrients to create a high-quality habitat for plankton, fish, shrimp, and shellfish. The campus provides a great place for visitors to observe the ecosystem of a fish pond, and is certified as a “Diamond-grade Green Building”.
Furthermore, in order to allow visitors to gain a deeper understanding of Taijiang’s history, humanities, industry and culture, the “Taijiang Island” concept behind the architectural form of the campus was inspired by drawings of Taijiang villages on ancient maps. By studying the layout of Taijiang villages and using software to simulate seasonal climate changes, the campus was designed to mimic Taijiang villages replete with courtyards, alleys, and buildings of various sizes to harness local prevailing winds and solar energy (e.g. to block the cold northern wind in winter while allowing the west wind to cool the campus in summer). The existing mixed forest and ecosystems were preserved to protect the habitat of native species, making the campus a small-scale representation of the history, humanities, ecology, and industry of Taijiang.
Apart from its unique appearance, the campus uses exhibits, models and multimedia to introduce visitors to the highlights of Taijiang National Park, such as its culture and humanities, ecosystems, and its industries. You can watch a video documentary, take a break or join a tour; this is the perfect introduction to the Taijiang National Park. We believe that you can better appreciate the beauty of the national park wetlands after visiting the visitor center.
Opening Hours and Services
Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00

Closed on: Mondays (closed on Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday), the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year, and on other days as announced.

(1) Scheduled Tours (4 times a day, 20~30 mins each)


(2) Film Screenings
Film Screenings
Film Description Showtimes Film Duration
Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas
- A Brief Introduction to Taijiang National Park
9:30 23 mins
Amidst the Tides, A Story of Life in Taijiang
- Taijiang’s Wetland Ecology
10:30 28 mins
The Passenger in the Wind
- The Black-faced Spoonbill
11:30 33 mins
Fertile Fields, Fruitful Seas- A Brief Introduction to Taijiang National Park 14:00 23 mins
Amidst the Tides, A Story of Life in Taijiang- Taijiang’s Wetland Ecology 15:00 28 mins
The Passenger in the Wind
- The Black-faced Spoonbill
16:00 33 mins