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Send the black-faced spoonbills off on March 26. A perfect ending for the Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season!

  • PostDate:2022-03-31
  • Publisher:news
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To help people learn about wetland ecology and understand the significance of conservation, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters organizes a series of events called “Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season” when migratory birds winter in Taijiang (from October to the coming March). When the spring breeze blows and the birds have developed golden nuptial plumages, the black-faced spoonbills gradually return to the north and the event “2021 Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season – The Black-faced Spoonbills have come!” draws to a close. The Taijiang National Park Headquarters held this year’s closing ceremony at the Liukong Visitor Center today on March 26. Visitors are welcome to send the black-faced spoonbills off and wish them a save return to the north. We planned a wetland tour and a fun scavenger hunt event. Lots of guests attended the event. Local schools, government agencies and communities took part in the event enthusiastically. The event ended successfully in a warm atmosphere.

Hsu Chih Chang, the Principal of Sangu Elementary School, led the school to perform an amazing dance for the beginning of the closing ceremony. Yang An Jan, the Principal of Guangfu Experimental Elementary School of Ecology, led students to dance gracefully and playfully dressed as little black-faced spoonbills and little mudskippers to bless the black-faced spoonbills. Fang I Feng, councilor of Tainan, Liu Chih Tsung, chief secretary of Qigu District Office, Huang Hsu Mao, chairman of the Taiwan Black-Faced Spoonbill Conservation Association, Hung Meng Chi, chief of the Qigu Research Center, Endemic Creature Research Conservation Center, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Huang Chien Chih, the commander of the Seventh Special Police Corps’ Seventh Corps, Special Police, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Huang Hsien Li, borough-head of Sangu Village, Qigu District, Tainan, Huang Jung Hui, borough-head of Xinan Village, Qigu District, Tainan, and the representatives of nearby communities, were here with us.

Chang Teng Wen, director of Taijiang National Park Headquarters, stated that, “The Taijiang National Park Headquarters holds the series of events called ‘Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season’ every year and the events last for a half year. We cooperate with local agencies, conservation groups and communities. In 2021, we worked with 11 fishermen at about 52 acres of fish farms to promote friendly habitat creation and local specialties. We hope to encourage the visitors to get close to the wetland, enter the national park, and learn about wetland ecology conservation through these events. We also hope that they can implement an eco-friendly attitude in their personal lives. This year’s Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season ends today. However, wetland ecology conservation and education promotion will go on. The Taijiang National Park Headquarters organized a series of events called “A Date with the National Park,” including ecology observation, culture and history readings, special industry experiences and mini community tours. Parents and children are welcome to sign up for the event.” For follow-up information on the event, visitors can go to the website of Taijiang National Park.