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Draw your impression of the Taijiang, Call for submissions of Visitor Center stamp pattern designs

  • PostDate:2021-07-22
  • Publisher:news
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During the epidemic prevention period, the best activity is to stay at home for your health. Here we provide a good idea of staying at home during the epidemic prevention without becoming bored by drawing together!

Taijiang Office handles the stamp pattern collection event, by inviting adults and children to pick up a pen and draw their impression of Taijiang, and design the pattern. After the internal selection and online popularity voting by our Office, we select a number of excellent works to make stamps and provide them for stamping in the Visitor Center. We welcome friends from all over the world who will visit our national park after the pandemic. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2021. To learn more, please visit the Taijiang National Park’s website.

This contest is specially divided into two groups with different styles and orientations: Childlike Innocence Group and Taijiang Beauty Group, which can be selected according to personal preferences, so that both adults and children have the opportunity to be creative. As long as people pick up a pen, they can draw! You can draw your observations and curiosity about the creatures of Taijiang in a few simple strokes. Or you can also paint it in detail to show your feelings about the scenery of the Taijiang. As long as you submit your works, you will get a participation award. If you get selected, Taijiang exquisite luxury combination of cultural and creative informational materials will be waiting for you. There are also network popularity voting awards with rich gifts and lots of places. We welcome not only experts to join, but also parents, grandparents and your children to creatively paint together, and submit your works together to enjoy a beautiful parent-child creation summer vacation.

Did you "Like" the "Taijiang National Park" Facebook page yet? During this event, several schedules of Facebook page publicity activities will be held. As long as this message is shared, you will have the opportunity to get the exquisite gifts of Taijiang. Let's draw together!