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Taijiang partially lift restrictions, epidemic prevention is not relaxed

  • PostDate:2021-07-15
  • Publisher:news
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According to the latest epidemic prevention guidelines of CECC, since July 13, 2021, in response to environmental characteristics and epidemic prevention demands, all national parks have reviewed and fine-tuned measures of the control of people flows based on local conditions. Taijiang National Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as Taijiang Office) will be moderately open for indoor and outdoor rest areas, and continue keeping the ecological protection area closed.

To maintain appropriate social distancing for epidemic prevention, the two visitor centers of Taijiang National Park, Sicao and Qigu of Tainan City, since July 13, 2021, limit the maximum number of people entering the museum to up to 100 and 20 respectively, and adjust these regulations flexibly according to the on-site conditions by implementing on-site announcements. There is a single entrance, body temperature measurement before entering (those with excessive temperatures and fever will be refused entry), one has to comply with the real name registry system, and when watching a video in the audio-visual room one has to sit on separated seats. The outsourced souvenir shops (no warm food is provided for the time being) will be opened, and the admission shall also be carried out in accordance with measures such as the real name registry system, body temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, etc., and the number of people shall be limited according to on-site announcements.

In outdoor recreation stops, the number of parking lots will be reduced to 40% of the original number, and it will be adjusted flexibly according to the on-site conditions and service quality. Tourists are requested to cooperate with the on-site staff and police instructions. If it is necessary, these stops can be closed to alleviate the people traffic pressure.

Please wear a facial mask in the outdoor recreation space, follow the real name register system, and maintain a safe social distance of more than 1 meter. This will also enhance the monitoring of the people flow. If the people flow is too intensive, they will be diverted, controlled, or closed in a timely manner. There are also websites, Facebook and other related media to enhance the diversion and publicity.

Recreation attractions around Taijiang National Park, such as recreational fishing rafts in Sicao and Qigu areas, are stipulated in accordance with the relevant management measures of the Tainan City Government. However, different operators may have individual business considerations, so it is recommended to call the operators directly before the trip.

The north coastline of the Zengwen River (the shoreline of a non-popular beach) stays open to fishermen's operations, and fishermen are asked to disperse their operations as much as possible and wear facial masks. In addition, ecological protection areas shall remain closed except for official duties and research.

Meanwhile, Taijiang Office still calls on the public to continually pay attention to and cooperate with the changes in the epidemic alerts. People shall relax moderately, wear facial masks, and not gather in groups during the trip, so as to reduce the chance of the recurrence of the epidemic, reduce the burden of police and medical resources, and join the epidemic prevention for all people. The beautiful scenery will always be there, you are welcome to enjoy the customs of Tainan and the beauty of the Taijiang wetland after the epidemic.