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In response to the severe Covid-19 epidemic, Taijiang National Park takes related prevention measures

  • PostDate:2021-05-19
  • Publisher:news
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To comply with the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) for four weeks from May 11 to June 8, the relevant restrictive measures of the epidemic alert level 2 are carried out, and Taijiang National Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as Taijiang Office) takes the following actions.

  1. The measures for events:
  1. Suspend events with more than 500-people outdoors and more than 100-people indoors.
  2. Indoor and outdoor events that have been planned and announced for registration will be limited to a small number of people to ensure keeping social distance for epidemic prevention and implementing the real-name registry system.
  1. Visitor Center Response Measures:
    1. Implementation of real-name registry system when entering the museum.
    2. Visitors are required to take their temperatures and wear facial masks at all times when entering the museum, and they are not allowed to take them off while taking photos.
    3. Museum staff are wearing facial masks and heighten the frequency of environmental cleaning and disinfection.
    4. For indoor film screening the visitor seats are separated, and the maximum admission to Taijiang National Park Visitor Center is 75 people.
    5. It will hourly broadcast the epidemic prevention information.
    6. When the parking lot and the parking number reaches 80%, this will activate traffic flow control and it will be adjusted flexibly according to the on-site conditions.
  1. Response Measures for Environmental Education Curriculum:
    1. Actively cooperate with the relevant regulations of the CECC and local governments.
    2. Actively contact the booking unit to adjust the scheduled course dates.
    3. Teachers and volunteers who carry out the curriculum have to take their temperatures before the class and proceed self-management of their health.
    4. Please ensure to help students take their temperatures before departure, if someone reaches 37.5 degrees or more, he or she will not be able to participate in the class.
    5. Before the class, students are required to wash their hands, use alcohol to disinfect, and wear facial masks during indoor activities all the time.
    6. Open doors and windows and maintain ventilation when performing indoor lessons.
  1. Administration Center Response Measures:
    1. Set up hand sanitizers in appropriate locations for colleagues and public servants on-site to use.
    2. After the meeting, a specific staff will clean the top of the tables and door handles with alcohol.
    3. Implementation of personnel access control, and all people for businesses (business contacts, bidders, meetings, etc.) need to measure their body temperatures and register their real name. If you have a fever, cough, physical discomfort, etc., you will not be allowed to enter.