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Where are the oysters? June 5 "Oyster Boy Ko Nan" Let's discover the truth together (This event has been cancelled)

  • PostDate:2021-05-18
  • Publisher:news
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In response to the severe Covid-19, this event of "Go on a date with the National Park - Oyster Boy Ko Nan" was originally scheduled on June 5, 2021, and will be rescheduled when the epidemic situation improves.


Oyster pancake, oyster noodles, and fried oysters are all very distinctive local snacks in Taiwan, but where does the protagonist the oysters come from? What does oyster aquiculture have to do with Taijiang National Park? In June, the Taijiang Office will have a series of events with the National Park to launch a popular industrial environmental education course - "Oyster Boy Ko Nan" on weekdays, which will be open for parent-child families and the general public to register for the holidays.

Qigu Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Taiwan, surrounded by sandbanks in calm waters, and it is an important ground for oyster agriculture in Taiwan. This event will be led by Qigu local oyster farmers, and visitors take a fishing raft to Qigu lagoon to experience a day of an oyster farmer’s life. By visiting the oyster field to understand the type of oyster sheds, visitors can understand the growth process of oysters, and through personally walking into the lagoon and soaking into the water they can experience the work of tying and harvesting oysters. Visitors can feel the various challenges of oyster agriculture through games, and understand the relationship between their own behavior and the environment.