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Learn from the Experienced tourist Tips when touring in Tainan and Taijiang

  • PostDate:2021-04-27
  • Publisher:news
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"With good bargains and rich activities, the staff are very considerate to take care of transportation and more", "The event guide is full of knowledge, worth it", "It is very suitable for a family trip", "With a sightseeing shuttle bus, there is no need to worry about transportation and parking issues, really convenient", etc. Guess what tour they participated in?


Taijiang National Park launched the "Fun Taijiang Fun Tour Sightseeing Shuttle Bus" half-day tour. Since 2020, The Shuttle Bus has hit the road for 45 days, with more than a thousand tourists to listen to the national park interpretation by volunteers’ wonderful and vivid guiding. During the summertime, there is a valuable mangrove line, and you not only can skip the line to directly enter the Sicao Green Tunnel, but also experience the salt drying work in the traditional crisscrossing salt pans. During this rich itinerary there is no need to worry about the tour arrangement, you just hop on the shuttle bus enjoying the special service.

However, that are all quotes from strangers to Tainan! "As a Tainaner, there are some places that I know about without actually having been there... I don't know how beautiful and attractive my birthplace is", and more, last year, another tourist said, "I have participated once in June, and the overall feeling is very good, so I signed up for the August trip". Someone as smart as you, what are you waiting for?

The scheduled days in May are 1, 2, 15, 16, 29 and 30. Whether you like Saturday or Sunday, morning or afternoon, you are free to choose the most suitable time. Why don't you get up early and sign up for the lightweight trip that departs at 9 A.M.?