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Visit Taijiang Academy in the spring Jog in Taijiang Village event on the 4th of April

  • PostDate:2021-03-22
  • Publisher:news
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By walking over the Sicao Bridge, you can see the water stilt house located on the bank of the saltwater stream, which is a popular photo spot of Tainan City in recent years – The Taijiang National Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as Taijiang Office), also known as Taijiang Academy. Surrounded by green water, gentle breezes, and swaying reeds, it is not only a spot brimming with poetry, but also a "diamond-level" green building that is friendly to both humanity and ecology. This spring, the Taijiang Office will hold an interesting event of Green Building parent-child environmental education, and welcome parent-child families and the general public to register their participation.

In order to let visitors deeply feel the beauty of the " Taijiang Academy" architecture and deliver the concept of coexistence and co-prosperity between humanity and ecology, Taijiang Office has launched a parent-child environmental education course with the theme of the green building, "Jog in Taijiang Village". This course is conducted by teamwork. Solving puzzles gradually lets visitors explore the ingenuity and secrets of this Green Building. Meanwhile, participators can consider how to apply friendly concepts to their own home life by DIY.

The event will be held on the morning of April 11, 2021 with 36 vacancies (parents and children are welcomed to participate together), and the registration fee is TWD100 per person. We welcome adults taking their children to walk in Taijiang Village together. This event adopts online registration from 10:00 A.M. on March 22. People who are interested, please visit the website of Taijiang National Park.