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Plants ecology and Salt Pan experience tour in a century-old salt pan

  • PostDate:2021-02-17
  • Publisher:news
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The salt drying industry in the Taijiang area was once very prosperous, and the southwest coastal salt pans were everywhere. Located within Taijiang National Park, the "Anshun Salt Pan" was developed by Taiwan Salt Production Co., Ltd. during Japanese Colonial Rule and was the most progressive salt pan at that time. Although this century-old salt pan has been stopped due to the transformation of Taiwan's economic policy, it left behind a complete salt village settlement today, and has rich wetland ecology and salt-industry cultural resources, being a good place for people to conduct ecological observation and cultural experience. The Taijiang National Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Taijiang Office) cooperates with the local government to promote wetland ecological conservation and salt-industry cultural preservation. Last autumn the trial operation of “Plants ecology and Salt Pan experience tour in Anshun Salt Pan” was warmly echoed by the public and will be held twice in spring and autumn this year.

The theme of this event are the coastal plants of the Taijiang, and is combined with the salt drying experience of the salt pan. The narrator will lead the visitors to observe the unique morphology and characteristics of coastal plants adapted to the coastal winds, high salinity and water shortage environment, and make simple DIY works. After this, the senior salt workers will guide the salt pan explanation, salt drying experience, and demonstrate how to make tofu pudding with bittern. The events are rich in content and suitable for the general public and parent-child families.