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Taijiang Yushan Exhibition "A Picture Book Story - See You on the Mountain or at Sea

  • PostDate:2022-06-27
  • Publisher:news
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The Taijiang National Park and Yushan National Park jointly hold a special exhibition titled "Little Warriors on the Mountains and at Sea - Taijiang and Yushan National Park Joint Picture Book Exhibition" during the summer vacation at the Taijiang Visitor Center. Besides the exhibition, there is a fun activity titled "A Picture Book Story - See You on the Mountain or at Sea", which takes children and their parents across mountains and seas in a cool and cooling way.

In recent years, the Taijiang National Park has produced several story picture books featuring this unique wetland park's unique ecological and cultural characteristics.

Their vivid pictures and wonderful stories have attracted people to see the birds and crabs in the Taijiang River and discover the local ecology and the fascinating interplay between people and the environment. The wetland park holds a joint picture book exhibition with a different national park every year, to present the biodiversity and cultural diversity of Taiwan's national parks through simple texts and beautiful imagery. Parents and children can read and view the adventures of the little Bunun girl Buni who, trying to save a black bear, falls into a cave and ends up in the Taijiang wetlands, where she meets Siraya boy Dali. Together they help the black bear find its way home. Through six beautifully designed interactive games, children can join in on the adventure, including a mystery challenge.

To familiarize parents and children with the ecology and culture found in the Yushan and Taijiang national parks, an event titled "A Picture Book Story - See You on the Mountain or at Sea" will be held in Tainan on June 25-26, July 16-17, and August 20-21, three times a day (10:30, 13:30, 15:00 hours). The one-hour activity includes a special exhibition performance, storytelling with picture books, an introduction to the ecology of Taiwan’s black bears, interactive games, and a quiz with prizes.

Those who register online receive a discount coupon for publications from the Taijiang National Park: 30% off picture books and 20% off other publications at the shop in the visitor center. Families participating in the on-site activity receive a woven key ring and another gift for “three generations under one roof”. For more information about the event, visit the Taijiang National Park website. If you like and follow the "Taijiang National Park Facebook Fan Group", you’ll get updates on the latest news and events!