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A date with a national park: "Three Lives in the Lagoon" event on September 17, visit the Qigu Lagoon by boat

  • PostDate:2022-08-31
  • Publisher:news
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Qigu Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Taiwan. Sandbars block ocean waves from crashing in and make for a gentle wind and moderate waves in the lagoon. As the estuary is connected with the ocean tides washing in and out, the lagoon has become home to a wide diversity of plants, fish, oysters, crabs and birds. Fishermen raise oysters here and catch fish in this landscape where nature and people coexist in harmony.

To promote this largest lagoon of Taiwan, the Taijiang National Park Management Office holds the "Three Lives in the Lagoon" activity, where people can take fishing rafts to cruise the lagoon, observe the oyster beds, walk on the sandbars, and learn about the lagoon’s ecology and local fishery, farming and traditions straight from the captain’s mouth. Tours around Wangzailiao Mountain offer beautiful vistas but also disconcerting stories about the precarious situation of the sandbars and the lagoon but also uplifting updates on successful actions taken to protect this precious habitat.

The event will be held on the morning of September 17, 2022. The cost of the event is TWD 350 per person (including boat fare, insurance, and local snacks). The maximum number of people is 36. Little children and their parents are welcome to come and explore the Qigu Lagoon and the unique ecology and culture of Wangziliao Mountain. Online registration will open at 10:00 a.m. on August 26 on the Taijiang National Park website!