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A Date with the National Park – “Life by the Sea,” an environmental education event for parents and children

  • PostDate:2022-04-20
  • Publisher:news
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The Qigu Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Taiwan. The sand bar along the coast protects the lagoon from the direct impact of waves, and offers a good local aquaculture environment and a habitat for many creatures to perch. However, it is facing the hazards of marine debris. Join us on a boat trip to travel between the offshore bar and Wangzailiao Barrier Island to discover the beauty and sorrow of Qigu Lagoon, and protect an important homeland of creatures and residents.

The Taijiang National Park Headquarters will organize “A Date with the National Park – Life by the Sea,” an event for parents and children on May 14, 2022. In a half-day environmental education tour, we take visitors to Qigu, tour around the lagoon by boat, learn about the local aquaculture industry, land at the sand bar and protect the environment together through scientific beach cleaning, and think about the impact of marine debris to the wetland in Taijiang. Visitors can look forward to learning about the ecology of Qigu Lagoon and promote eco-friendly lifestyles.

Each participant must pay NT$ 400. Up to 36 participants may join this event. Visitors may sign up for the event online and signing up starts on April 18, 2022 at 10 AM. Visitors are welcome to like and follow the Taijiang National Park fan page, and check out the latest event information. Visitors may contact the Interpretation and Education Section of Taijiang National Park Headquarters for any questions (06-2842600 ext. 1514, Mr. Lin).