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Explore the beauty and sorrow of Chengxi shelterbelt at night, Education on prevention of the banded bullfrog, an invasive species

  • PostDate:2022-04-25
  • Publisher:news
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In 2018, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters found banded bullfrogs, an invasive species, in the park. Banded bullfrogs have amazing adaptability and  fecundity. Since 2019, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters has been conducting monitoring, removal and population suppression plans. Currently banded bullfrogs in the park are distributed in the shelterbelt at Chengxi Village. In order to let the public learn what “pain” invasive species’ may bring to the native ecology, and understand how to keep banded bullfrogs away, the event “Explore the beauty and sorrow of Chengxi shelterbelt at night” will be held in the briefing room on the first floor of the Tainan Refuse Incineration Plant on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 18:30-20:30. The event is about prevention education training regarding the invasive banded bullfrogs. It includes an indoor seminar and outdoor observation. Visitors are welcome to sign up for the event.

Since 2019, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters has been actively preventing and removing banded bullfrogs. In 2021, 1.141 banded bullfrogs were removed, the highest proportion of 48% were subadults. It is speculated that the population is under fast growth. Population suppression can still be effective, so we will continue to suppress the growth and expansion of the banded bullfrog population.

In this event, we will lead visitors to explore the beautiful, mysterious world of the Chengxi shelterbelt at night. If you are lucky, you may be able to see lots of stars or shining fireflies. In this beautiful world, visitors can learn about the possible harm incurred from these exotic frogs and the sorrow of the native ecology. Visitors may sign up for the event online. Civil servants who attend the event may register two hours for lifelong learning for civil servants. Visitors can go to the website of Taijiang National Park for more information and contact the Conservation Research Section of Taijiang National Park Headquarters for any questions (06-2842600 ext. 1603, Mr. Kuo, a technical specialist). Visitors can call the Wild Perspectives Ecological Consultant Co., Ltd. (06-2993810) to ask Mr. Chen Ching Chi for questions about registration.