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Assemble, water divers! 2022 National Park Youth Camp “Taijiang Water Diver Camp”

  • PostDate:2022-04-25
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The ocean and sun are calling water divers back to Taijiang.

Stroll through alleys, explore the memory of water divers, take a raft and cruise in the wind.

Test your wisdom, courage and stamina.

Experience the life of the locals, become an environmental ambassador and contribute your own part for the land.


Taijiang National Park is located on the southwest coast of Tainan. It has a plentiful wetland and ocean ecology, and is filled with historical sites and culture from the time of the reclamation of Taiwan as well as traditional fishery and salt industries. Taijiang National Park is the best venue for outdoor exploration and learning. The “10th Taijiang Water Diver Camp” is held this year. It is the most anticipated summer camp every year. Registrations are about to begin. Students in Taiwan who are in fifth to seventh grade after summer vacation are welcome to visit Taijiang and become water divers to go on adventures, explore the story of the land, and create a meaningful summer vacation!

The Taijiang National Park Headquarters organized the “Taijiang Water Diver Camp” with wetlands and the ocean as its themes, to encourage students to care about the environment and build their abilities of being independent and conducting teamwork. The event will be held from July 19 to 22, 2022. Participants will take a tour of the historical sites and culture of Anping, observe the ecology of the intertidal area, do beach cleaning at the intertidal area, and work as an oyster farmer for a day. Through various experience events, students can learn about the local nature ecology, humanity, history and industrial economy, build interpersonal communication skills, and enhance their knowledge and skill regarding ecological conservation. We hope that they will also be willing to take action to protect the environment.

The event is offered for Students in Taiwan who will be in fifth to seventh grade after summer vacation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year students will not stay overnight in Taijiang. Each participant must pay NT$ 2,500. Up to 36 participants may join this event. Participants are accepted in the order of sign-up. 30 spots are for regular students. Six spots are for students from mid and low-income households and the registration fee will be subsidized. These students must provide relevant certificates. Only one student may apply for the subsidy per household. Visitors may sign up for the event online and registration starts on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 10 AM. Visitors may go to the website of Taijiang National Park for the event information and registration. Visitors may contact the Interpretation and Education Section of Taijiang National Park Headquarters for any question (06-2842600 ext. 1509 and 1516).