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"Little black faced spoonbill Tour in Taijiang" picture book launch conference is open for registration!

  • PostDate:2021-11-25
  • Publisher:news
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Taijiang picture book has once again collaborated with best-selling children's writer Liao Bingkun to string together beautiful notes between words and images, filling the pictures with extraneous sounds, and telling the story of Taijiang scenic spots.


Mr. Hsien Weisong, Director of the Taijiang National Park Administration, said that different from other government publications, Taijiang chooses more contagious picture books as the medium and an intellectual writing and creative painting style to tell the story of Taijiang ‘s landform, humanity and heritages in the past 400 years such as the white jade in the salt lands, the fish leaping into the water, the birds observing around, the remains of the fort, and the sunset of An Ping. The fishponds, the row of oyster racks, and the streets are intertwined, to accompany the readers to travel the Taijiang River and let history come to life.


A few years ago, Taijiang Office and Teacher Liao Bingkun cooperated to create the best-selling picture book "Little Crab Swims in Taijiang". Readers can follow the "Army", big Mud crab Ah Hong and light-blue soldier crab Xiao Shang, walked through the Taijiang Wetland. He got to know a lot about the "Crab Family Army" step by step in a funny way. This time in "Little black faced spoonbill Tour in Taijiang", readers can follow the "Air Force" Xiaolu and Xiaopi to fly up to the blue sky to overlook the Taijiang, learn about the landscape and its humanities, and have a trip to the Taijiang. The picture book also provides a Monopoly game to let readers explore the attractions of Taijiang and become the best tour guide of Taijiang.


The new book launch was held at 10:00 A.M. on December 5, 2021 (Sunday) at the first screening room of the Visitor Centre, and  the author, Mr. Liao Bingkun was invited, to share his creative skills and secrets, and have fun with the Taijiang Monopoly Game. We hope that the beautiful and readable text with colorful illustrations lets parents and children enjoy the picture book together. They can also understand the rich historical stories of Taijiang. People can sign up for the new book launch and join the teacher's sharing, to learn more: Taijiang National Park ( The registration starts from 10:00 A.M. on November 19, 2021 (Friday) with limited seats! Each family who has successfully registered and participated, can get 1 hardcover book of "Little black faced spoonbill Tour in Taijiang". This launch will offer special discount with 50% off for the book. This is a one time chance, please do not miss it!