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Achievements of an eco-friendly habitat creation - building a paradise for black-faced spoonbills!

  • PostDate:2021-11-18
  • Publisher:news
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November 12, 2021 - Taijiang Park Administration Office (hereinafter referred to as Taijiang Office) held the "2021 Annual Eco-friendly Habitat Construction Achievements Presentation" at the Chengxi Community Center in Annan District, Tainan City. It invited more than 50 local fishermen who are participating in eco-friendly habitat construction, ecological conservation groups and Taijiang community dwellers to participate in the event. During this event, Hsieh Wei Song, director of the Taijiang Office, signed a letter of intention for cooperation in the construction of eco-friendly habitats with the fishermen, and issued “unified identification signs for the construction of eco-friendly habitats”. These signs will be erected next to the eco-friendly fishing ponds, so fishermen may receive the hearty care and sense of honor from the national park!


During this event, two fishermen including Wang Qi Sen, head of Meretrix breeding production and marketing class in Qigu District, and Chen Guozhong, a fisherman of Milkfish breeding in Chengxi Li in Annan District, proactively shared their experience and feedback of participating in the construction of eco-friendly habitats. The fishermen said that in the process of participating in various birds ecological monitoring and ecological breeding observation held by the Taijiang Office, they began to gradually experience the fun of bird observing. Everyone shared his/her observation of the birds in the fish ponds through mobile group chat, and even proactively extended the drying time and increased the area of friendly fish ponds, etc.


In order to allow global migratory species such as black-faced spoonbills to spend their wintertime here with peace of mind, the Taijiang Office has continued to communicate with fishermen outside the park in recent years, hoping that everyone will work together to create a more complete foraging friendly habitat for black-faced spoonbills. Following the three pioneers of Taijiang local fishermen participating in the past year (2020) by providing 10.8 hectares of fish pond, this eco-friendly habitat construction work has been conducted with up to 12 partners this year (2021), and the fish pond area has reached 100 hectares. After deliberation by a consultant panel composed of scholars and experts, a total of 52.45 hectares were selected to join as partners. It is touching that most of the partner fishermen participators this year are proactively inquiring or introduced by their relatives and friends. The proportion of young fishermen is becoming more and more! This means that the national park has gradually fermented in the activities of handling the home guard business, conservation observation and environmental education in recent years, which shows the ecological friendliness of local fishermen has gradually risen.


The Taijiang Office said if every aquaculture pond around the Taijiang can cooperate with the implementation of small eco-friendly measures during the drying pond after the harvest, the accumulation of these actions can be linked with the national park into a green map of Taijiang conservation, where globally migrating species can live with peace of mind. The creation of the Dataijiang black-faced spoonbill paradise is just around the corner!