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Fishermen responded warmly to be partners for eco-friendly construction! The 2021 Performance Day of Taijiang eco-friendly habitats construction

  • PostDate:2021-11-16
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Taijiang National Park Administration (hereinafter referred to as Taijiang Office) continues to pay attention to the conservation connection between the private aquaculture ponds and the winter migratory bird habitats around the park. In order to protect the habitats for migratory birds more comprehensively and allow international migratory species such as black-faced spoonbills to visit the Taijiang area with for rest and peaceful forage, we have promoted the conservation strategies of eco-friendly habitat creation, and encouraged fishermen in the Greater Taijiang area to work together with the National Park to create a complete friendly habitat environment for winter migratory birds!


After three Taijiang local fishermen took the lead by providing 10.8-hectares’ fishponds for partnership with the eco-friendly habitat construction in 2020, the number of applications to join partners this year (2021) has increased to 12 with the 100-hectares fishponds. A total of 52.45 hectares was selected to be partners after the deliberation by an advisory panel composed of scholars and experts. Taijiang Office held a presentation for the results of eco-friendly habitat construction in Taijiang at the Chengxi Li Activity Center in Annan District on the morning of November 12. It invited these fishermen and the Director to sign a letter of intention for cooperation in eco-friendly habitat creation and planned to make unified identification signs for eco-friendly habitat creation in these aquaculture ponds to increase the sense of honor for those fishermen participating in the Creation. After this presentation, the fishermen of Chengxi community also prepared old-fashioned Taijiang cuisines with enthusiasm, which must not be missed!


According to Taijiang Office, the conservation strategy of "eco-friendly habitat construction" promoted at present is to capture the advantages of the traditional aquaculture with "harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature" without disturbing the fishermen’ production and planning new actions that create a win-win situation for both migratory birds and the industry. If every aquaculture pond around the Taijiang can cooperate with the implementation of small eco-friendly measures during the drying pond after the harvest, the accumulation of these little action can be connected with the National Park to form a green map of the Taijiang conservation where internationally migratory species can live with peace of mind. This can create a sustainable conservation vision of "harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature"!


2021 The Performance Day of Taijiang Eco-friendly Habitats Creation

Time: November 12, 2010 (Fri) 09:30-12.30 A.M.

Venue: Chengxi Activity Center, Annan District, Tainan City




Registration & Welcome




VIP Speech


2021 Performance Report


Eco-friendly Habitats MOU Signing & Unified Image Identity for Fields Sing Ceremony


Sharing by Fishermen from the Experimental Areas


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