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Taijiang Night Walk A journey close to nature, a pathway to understanding the environment

  • Last Updated:2022-12-19
  • Publisher:Special Report
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Come explore the lands of Taijiang in the most intimate way possible: on foot! It’s a wonderful way of getting to know Taijiang National Park and the local history and life stories of its villages and temples. The Taijiang National Park Administration, in collaboration with Tainan Community University and other local NGOs, has organized night walks in Taijiang since 2012 to let the public experience the park’s unique wetland ecology and cultural history.


The "2022 Taijiang Night Walk" activity was held on October 29, 2011. Departing from Taijiang National Park Management Office in the afternoon, the walk went along the Sicao Lake waterfront greenway to Dazhong Temple. The group then took rafts to experience the mangroves of Sicao Lake and get to know animals and plants in this intertidal area, before passing by Sicao Community, where the group set foot on the mysterious and charming Beishanwei Beach to head north amid the sounds of the surf toward Luermen River mouth, bending east along the Luermen River Creek to take a rest at Zhenmen Temple where general Coxinga is revered as a deity. From there, it went on to the Empress Mazu Temple dedicated to the protectress of seafarers. After a stretch following Beishanwei Road, the night walk ended at the park’s management office, where the participants were given a certificate of participation, to commemorate this journey along the history and culture of the Taijiang ancestors that came from overseas to reclaim land and settle on these wetlands, as well as the fascinating ecology and wildlife of the unique wetlands of Taijiang National Park.


The "Taijiang Night Walk" is a journey close to nature and a great way to learn about the environment, combining in-depth observation of local environmental protection with the challenge of long-distance walking. Close local partnerships enable the participants to appreciate the value of this unique national park. The night walk combines history and culture, nature and ecology, and the landscapes shaped by farmers and fishermen. If we all join hands to protect these rivers and lands, and preserve local culture and wildlife, the quality of the local ecology can be maintained and developed in sustainable ways.