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Activity Highlights

In addition to an endless expanse of fish farms, Qigu is also famous for its many temples and religions, earning it the description “small temples located within 3 steps of each other, and large temples located within 5 steps of each other”. Qigu’s temples and religions will be the main highlight of this tour

Suitable for visitors of all ages, especially adults and seniors.

Recommended Timing: 13:30-17:30

Taijiang National Park Visitor Center、Luermen Matsu Temple(Approximate Distance:2.6km)→Luermen Zhenmen Temple(Approximate Distance:5.8km)→Sicao Dazhong Temple(Approximate Distance: 6.5km)→Orthodox Luermen Matsu Temple


Taijiang National Park Visitor Center
Taijiang National Park Visitor Center
Luermen Matsu Temple
Luermen Matsu Temple-The Legend of the Goddess Matsu

Learn about the locals’ faith and the temple dedicated to the Goddess Matsu.

Luermen Matsu Temple-Sinopec Japanese-style Dormitory Area

Take a trip back in time and admire the beauty of old Japanese architecture at the former dormitory area of Sinopec.

Luermen Zhenmen Temple
Luermen Zhenmen Temple-Natural Defense of the Capital (stone tablet)

Visit the spot where Koxinga first successfully set foot on land.

Luermen Zhenmen Temple:
Luermen Zhenmen Temple

Learn about the temple’s history, and see its one-of-a-kind Dutch Door God.

Sicao Dazhong Temple
Sicao Dazhong Temple-Sicao Artillery Fort

Sicao Artillery Fort is listed as a Grade II historic site. The fort has witnessed the rule of the Qing dynasty and Japanese colonization. It now forms part of the perimeter wall of Zhenhai Elementary School after restoration. The cannon platforms and cannons are long gone, leaving behind the fortress walls.

Sicao Dazhong Temple-Dutch Burial Moundt

The Dutch Burial Mound is situated behind the temple, and houses the remains of many Dutch warriors. The mound has been decorated with Dutch scenery, the God of the Sea, and the Goddess of Fortune. A former PM of the Netherlands has visited the burial mound to pay his respects to the fearless warriors.

Sicao Green Tunnel
Sicao Dazhong Temple-Sicao Green Tunnel

Glide along the river and admire the ancient growths of lush mangrove trees such as Rhizophora stylosa, Kandelia obovata, Lumnitzera racemosa, Avicennia marina, Excoecaria agallocha, and Pittosporum formosanum.

The Legend of the Goddess Matsu
Orthodox Luermen Matsu Temple-The Legend of the Goddess Matsu

Talk to the locals and learn more about the history and establishment of the temple.

Visiting the Temple
Orthodox Luermen Matsu Temple-Visiting the Temple

Situated in Annan District of Tainan City, this large and magnificent temple is not only the religious center of local residents, it is also well known throughout the country.